Re-work all legendary weapons!

The economy update brought changes to the crafting system that made virtually all legendary weapons inferior to craftable weapons. Dragon bone spear outclasses every single legendary spear. Lemurian Axe outclasses every single axe except yogs touch, but now with the nerf to yogs touch they are almost on par with one another.

Over the years the ‘teeter totter balancing’ philosophy has caused all legendary weapons to lose their special effects or to become useless in comparison to their cost, to name a few


Let me re-iterate
All legendary 2 hand swords are now outclassed by Telith’s Sorrow.
All legendary spears are outclassed by dragonbone spear or lemurian pike
All legendary axes are outclassed by lemurian axe
All legendary 1h swords are outclassed by dragon bone sword, Telith’s Lament, ancient lemurian sword
All legendary hammers are outclassed by dragon bone maul

Now your first take away from this might be “Well nerf dragonbone weapons and lemurian and bring them into line with the rest of the weapons in the game”

But I don’t agree with that philosophy. Even basic starmetal weapons are better than legendary weapons if you have crafter thralls. Legendary weapons are supposed to be special, have special effects, and be stronger than what you can make. That’s what makes them worth getting and why yog’s touch has dominated in pvp for the entirety of 2020.


In my opinion, this is a valid criticism. I think though that the weapons not only need to be changed, but that they should become BETTER and RARER. Like a limited number of a specific legendary per server, and make the legendary actually feel Legendary.

Change the legendary repair kits to be a “lesser kit” and make the legendries harder to repair (which seems to have been the original intent.) So that they eventually wear down, but make the legendaries worth fighting over.

i said it long time ago, so yes i agree 300% with you, so many legendary weapons that take months to get ,nerfed to death, with now weapons you can craft better…

aa rare drop is a rare drop, a craftable weapon is another category of weapon.

Legendary weapons are - in a way - easier to get than crafted ones, especially if you count in bonuses from specific thralls. The materials, recipes, thralls need to be found first, while killing some of the bosses is actually easier. On each character, I got legendary weapon drops far before I managed to craft anything decent or even more powerful. So, it’s somewhat logical that crafted stuff is better.

Buuuuut, I do agree in the end. Legendary weapons are somewhat useless now in endgame, while they should be something to hunt for.

One solution might be to allow us to “reforge” them on crafting benches, scaled on how powerful your crafted weapons are, so that they’re slightly more powerful in the end again.

Is that not the exact actual counter-argument that prompts a nerf though?

I don’t necessarily disagree (and can’t really form a properly informed opinion until the economy update lands on consoles) but will point out that there’s no real reason a legendary has to be flat out superior to other items of that class, particularly given @Khaletohep’s point on crafting effort.

In fact for me, the next logical step would be to let us name crafted weapons and create our own legendary items.

if you say that it means you never farmed unamed city weapons, it took me may be 600 kill boss to get some of those weapons, which equal 5 months of play.

try to get let’s say a lifeblood and see how much time it take to get one

That’s the thing though; Yog’s touch is the first weapon that actually got nerfed properly. The weapon is still best in class! It’s just slightly toned down a bit, which is great. This is what should have been done with all other legendary type weapons. Even for example, Whirlwind blades, were not that powerful a weapon. They had high damage and low armor penetration which made them equal to other legendary daggers which had higher armor penetration.

yog touch is easy to get, you can get one in one day

unaamed city weapon, you need months and months

Some weapons are very hard to get, either due to difficult bosses or due to low drop chances. But not all are.

That would make a good point on why to differentiate between legendary item, e. g. improve boss specific drops, but not items from legendary chests. But those are actually quite hard to get, too, if you’re looking at specific weapons. The very large loot list makes it very luck-dependent = time-consuming to farm for a specific weapon.

its why those very rare weapon should be the best, with unique attribute. only sword of crom and reach of redmother are still able to compete with other craftable weapon, but lying bastard, lifeblood etc… are simplyworthless and should be either removed or find back their orignal attribute (before have been nerfed).

value of a weapons should be in regards of how hard it is to acquire. because if you need to farm 5 months to get a lifeblood that is outclassed by all weapons and has no more real healing value, it’s better to remove it.

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