Is anyone else bummed that crafted weapons now seem to be the best (In the Exiled Lands)?

I am rather new to Conan but it feels boring that all the interesting legendary weapons play second-fiddle to craft weapons damage wise. I wish we could do something like ‘Reforge’ Legendaries to get the thrall bonuses to make them something worth using more often than things like the Ancient Lemurian pieces.


forges lightsaber whats wrong with forging the best weapons? Though my opinion probably doesn’t have high value as i pretty much only play this game to build!!! Forced pvp seems boring.


Reforging a Legendary. I like the sound of that actually. Should make a suggestion thread on that.


Not only that, most of the generic and DLC weapons are ugly and/or boring compared to the Legendary weapons.


Yea, I’ve been hesitant to make a post on this, but looks like the thread is started :laughing:

Both Exiled Lands and Siptah, due to the new economy and how thralls work, you can craft weapons that are better than the legendaries (generally speaking of course).

My Greatsword of The Legion, for example, has 85 damage and 20% armor pen, BEFORE any mods. That was made with a t4 blacksmith that increases damage on weapons crafted. Why on earth would I use ANY of the 2h swords that come from legendary boxes. Oh! And you can repair your crafted weapons, so no need for legendary weapon repair kits either. Smh.

Frankly, the incentive and joy from boss killing and looting legendary weapon boxes has been killed. Legendaries NEED a pass and buff, and need to be worthy of their title, LEGENDARY.


I love the idea of reforging the legendaries, as long as it’s not a randomized outcome. Please, for the love of Mitra, let’s not add yet another slot machine. If implemented, make reforging deterministic.


Did you ever play SWG? The crafting mechanism in that was something else. You could build a basic, generic blaster, OR…you could roll the dice and try to improve something. Better range, or more damage, etc. If you failed, then you wasted everything & had to start over…but if you spent the time & skill points, consumed the right food & drink (and maybe hit the spice cough), you could build one of the best damn blasters out there.

Would that be up w/what you’re suggesting? Deterministic, yes…but with a chance for utter failure, your former legendary reduced to a pile of smoking slag.


Not really, I wasn’t suggesting that. I was suggesting they make it entirely deterministic, no randomness involved. For the same combination of weapon and thrall, the cost and the outcome should always be exactly the same. That was what I was aiming at.

However, I don’t think it would be bad to have a certain degree of randomness in the outcome, as long as that randomness isn’t in stats. In other words, maybe the outcome is a random roll that determines whether you get a bonus to damage, bonus to armor penetration, bonus to durability, reduced stamina usage, or a broken weapon (too bad, try again). That would be acceptable.

But I would absolutely hate to see a process where you can get a variable bonus to damage, for example. That would be yet another slot machine in a game where they’ve managed to shove slot machines nearly everywhere.


At this point you should be able to craft legendaries >_>. Remove legendary drops from the game. Replace them with a new material. Legendary core (filler name). All legendary items require a legendary core to craft at a special crafting table that can’t be crafted but is out in the world. Through this method you can can randomly choose its bonuses throughout a preset of given choices :smiley:


I think he was suggesting something along the lines of having complete control of the outcome, even if it meant more cost. Say if adding a bonus to a legendary cost 20 Eldarium, but two costs 50, 3 costs 100, and 4 is 500 or something like that.

In which I would agree… I don’t like RNG mechanics for this game either.


Definitely a lot of good suggestions here. This was more a vent than anything, but I feel like some sort of system where you use perhaps a tier four thrall and your legendary to give it a ‘buff’, either in damage or armor pen or maybe with a bonus attribute point so long as it is deterministic. The cost could be rather high, but the point would be to bring weapons back into the meta that have fallen to the wayside due to the economy update which far too heavily tipped the scales towards crafted weapons.

Legendary weapons seem like such a fun idea, an expensive hard to maintain weapon/armor piece but that value is lost when they are outcompeted by cheap(er) crafted options you can just repair in the bench.


Ha! Looking at how many things are set behind a RNG system…it scares me :slight_smile:


It is how it should be

I think there is a change in 2.2.x that nerfs some crafted weapons in exchange for better legendaries.

I actually like that crafted weapons are better than legendaries.
Farming items via RNG has never been something that i enjoy, but it would be nice to have those skins to craft unique looking weapons, some of them have nice designs, others not so much…


It’s interesting because even before the economy update I found, at least for PvE, any crafted weapons beyond ordinary steel or hardened steel were OP. This includes flawless weapons. I can cut through pretty much anything with ordinary, non-upgraded, steel or hardened steel weapons. Star metal cuts through enemies like a hot knife through butter.

Agreed on that. Scythe of Thag is especially cool 2h. Sucks that it has no arm pen


EEWA already did. Take Hosav on the team!

OK back to EEWA again…

All Funcom Need to do is OCCASIONALLY (Like once twice a year) is look at what the their Top (Popular) Modders have done and DO THAT and all would be well (Assuming the modders got the recognition for their ideas that they deserved!)


What we should do is find someone who holds a lot of popularity or vocal power like some streamer. Let the community give suggestions to the streamer. Get the streamer to have a chat with the devs with all these ideas and maybe we can get somewhere? I feel like the forums are kinda of ignored D:

I’m not a Funcom employee. I work with Hosav a lot, as a mod author…

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