Tool and weapon improvement suggestion

I dont know if this has already been discussed on the player side and the Dev side, but could it be that the different improvement kits are not final as in the current state?
I suggest removing the improvements after each repair done with a legendary kit.
This could add extra dynamics to the game. (Pvp, Rp etc…)
One could imagine that only the workshop and the specialized craftsman could carry out repairs allowing to preserve the improvement.
This would add a counterpart to the great power of the legendary repair kits.
While offering an advantage to the collector in order to regain the original state of their favorite piece

What do you think?

A small survey to measure your opinion?

  • Good idea
  • Not god idea

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thanks and good game!


I like the idea, makes sense. You use your weapon a lot, and repair it, the kit is jist a kit, wears down easily. Plus I have multiple stacks of advanced reinforcement/blunted/efficient kits and I crafted NONE of them :grin: , all came from looting boxes and corpses.

I personally would go even further: as the weapon and tool loses durability, their harvesting power and damage degrades a bit. So you would have to (as you always should!!! I repair every one of my armor/gear after every journey I take daily) take care of your stuff.

I know one hits the other, I would love to have either of the two.


I understand :+1: your feelings from a role play view position but the community as a whole probably would not care for it. Ad this one to private server options.


yes, and I understand that and sincerely beyond the point of view only Rp, since the opening of the Legendary Repair Kit has all the Pnj it will add a balance to the game :wink:

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I think it adds a vast imbalance - not balance!

NOT a good idea - only a further frustration. Terrible!

Not even if one considers strict role playing either.

ok, I can understand that frustration has become a big problem in our society blinded by disconcerting mass hedonism but can you help me better understand this frustration which makes you fear the worst?
on my side I have 4 possibilities;

  • There is or has been an exploit allowing to accumulate improvements.
  • There is a programmed function that I do not know of yet that allows you to get some amazing stats.
  • With the balancing of the functions of the game, it is no longer possible to have incredible improvements
  • something I don’t know or understand

if I say that is that I regularly pick up weapons with incredible stats, and for the moment when I try to understand this frustration that you bring up, and those are the only reasons that occur to me

One problem that I can see with it is in regards to resource gathering/balance. At present, a tool can be used to gather a certain quantity of a given resource. Under the proposed system, the same tool would now gather less of that resource (per repair, obviously). This then becomes a matter that has to be balanced, either by getting more of that resource during the initial (near full repair) phase, or by adjusting crafting costs. If neither form of rebalancing takes place, then instead resource gathering becomes a longer and more time consuming process, which is unlikely to be popular.

It isn’t that the idea can’t work - tools in 7days to die work exactly that way, and the balance is fine, but that is because the crafting/resource gathering were designed with that in mind, rather than adding it later. It’s just that it might be a bigger and more complex change than you are imagining (and that’s not even getting into balancing up the numbers and figuring out how to code it). While I like the idea from a realism/rp perspective, I suspect it would be a difficult thing to add and would likely upset more players than it pleases.


I like the idea because it ties into the survival aspect, a sorely missing feature in CE. It will not gain much support, as a majority of the current player base gets upset of they have to log in once a week just to refresh decay timers:/


it also depends on the strategy you choose, harvest or plunder. it is much more profitable to loot asagart for steel than to manufacture it. in short this is only an example but on my side, of course I did not make a precise calculation, I am based on my own player background, and it seems to me that there is a margin of progress concerning the balace (cost-production) especially since the update of the workshop or this balance and linked to your level.
Who pays 5 Power Fragments for a Harvest Potion? I never even if today I have more than 400 in stock …
and if I speak of this example, it is not trivial, the mechanics already work like that with the potions of the archivist. it even offers you the guarantee of not breaking your tool definitively.
but to be honest I have never met a poor person in this game …

Its just more hassle to do things. It solves no problem and just makes life difficult. Why is it preferable to add an annoyance feature to the game? Instead of carrying repair kits, you’d now have to also have the buff kits with you, so functionally nothing changes its just more annoying to use your tools/weapons. So why not just take it up a notch and say that nothing can ever be repaired? Its just punitive.



it’s not wrong either, but I don’t think it would be punitive, a constraint but which will add a little more realism with the big advantage of being able to reset the stats …

Different people have different tastes. Some like x2, or higher gather rates. I find it pointless, since crafting materials stay the same. It would be easier just admin spawn the building pieces/gear immediately at some point.

It is a raaw idea of course it would need a lot of balancing. For example you only have to reapply a kit if your stuff is completely broken, not just almost broken. Or things like that. Add my example: harvest power degrade would be 10-15%-ish at 5% durabilizy remaining.

Sorry - I’ve just realised my response was to someone else’s alternative suggestion (I was thinking of @rolee9309’s idea about reducing harvest rates as durability goes down - which I like but see problems with - my original reply) - I completely forgot your idea was about the kits - no wonder I couldn’t understand your response, my comment made no sense :laughing: Sorry, - my only excuse is I really need some sleep…

I actually like the kits idea - removing the mods each time you use a legendary kit doesn’t seem like a particularly high cost (I like master weapon fittings, so that’s star metal, which can be a pain in singleplayer, but it’s still not a very high cost), and I like the added flexibility it gives.

I’m not so sure I like the requirement of it having to be repaired on a station - that would pretty much remove the relevance of repair kits - and I can see an issue there - if you need the specialised craftsman (I assume tempersmith) then now you can’t use any legendary repair kits you loot until you win the rng lottery and find a tempersmith. That I think might be counterproductive. Without the requirement for a craftsman, it might work a little better, though it does reduce the freedom to ‘repair on the go’. Mostly, with legendary weapons there isn’t a huge need to repair on the go, because they have a lot of durability so are unlikely to wear out that quickly, but the tools could be more of a problem as they wear out faster.

Overall, I think it’s an interesting idea - sorry I responded to you about a completely different idea first, lol.

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that is quite universal issue with CE, it wasn’t designed as a survival game, but action game with survival label on it,
that and fact it is post release it pretty much limits any sort of serious overhaul


no problem with pleasure, I had a little doubt :wink:

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That is a word not much followed on Conan.

Spamming is a major issue. And I believe part of it is the fact harvesting is so trivial it allows ot to be easy. But, again I am in the minority here who see the dominoes of the broken economy. Tools that last infinitely if you consider the cheapness at which you can repair it. The resources you do gather just add up (PVE wise), as purges are joke and do minimal damage once you t3 base and get super thralls. Tools, weapons, everything is just loot that grows at rate far faster than use. And with the span rules, you basically gather and stuff in vaults.
The argument you have to mow carry the mod kits as well as repair kits. Mod kits are stackable, so 1 less slot out of 200?

Again, I agree making things need cost management would bring this game into a true survival, and away from what most of this base loves…button mash, brain dead combat and builing.

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I understand, I will allow myself to overflow, is this only valid for Conan? it’s a little factual, it seems to me and I’m going to stop there in this little parenthesis
thank you for your opinion

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I use to do the same, use my looted upgrades on my tools or weapons. DON’T
If you have a named crafter fix the upgrade and you will see why you shouldn’t use these upgrades but only at the beginning of the game.


Yes but functionally, to get the same level of hassle, you can just adjust the durability slider to break faster. Its all about the time spent afterall and if you just want people to spend more time repairing weapons, the server can already do this in effect.

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Durability slider doesn’t affect tools. Though I don’t think we need to add what OP suggests. Wouldn’t matter to me much if they did, but I can see how it would bother some people, especially on pvp.