Eliminate legendary weapon repair kits

We really should get rid of them. Why? Because once you find the ultimate weapon (before they nerf it), all other weapons become paperweights. I love the idea of all the different cool weapons out there, but they are all just useless and take up storage for no reason. But we hang on to them anyway, right? So if we eliminate the repair kits, eventually those elite legendary weapons will break and we have to switch to our backup supply.

Also, no craftable weapon should be close to the power of a legendary. Good enough to get the job done, but there should always be a strong reason to get that legendary. It is mostly that way now, but I’m just saying it needs to always be that way.

When legendary weapons were first added you could not repair them.
People begged for repair kits.

I don’t see too many people getting on board for this Idea.


Probably not. It was honestly more of a “what is the point” of the legendary weapons. 95% of them are just junk for recycling. The only thing that makes them worth picking up is if the top legendary’s are removed by nerfing or breaking.

What if we add a .01% shatter chance which would be unrepairable?

Just trying to think of things that will add value to all the second rate legendary weapons. So many of the new ones now don’t even have their own pixels - they are just recycled from previous generation weapons.

Like I already posted on another thread, I think that it would be better if Funcom added another tier of weapons, called “relics”. The idea is that whenever they realize that a legendary weapon they added is overpowered, they could nerf the new drops of that legendary weapon and simultaneously move all the old instances of that weapon into the relic tier.

The thing that would make the relic tier special is that there would be no repair kits for it and it would get damaged even if a thrall used it.

That way a nerf isn’t as painful, because you still have your overpowered weapon, you just won’t have it forever if you keep using it :slight_smile:


Negative reinforcement, in games and life, generally isn’t a good idea. Punishing, as opposed to incentivizing, is generally inferior.

People wanted to repair legendaries because they’re random - so when you luck out and find the 1 you love most, you try to preserve it. You can still lose it via raiding, PVP or misfortune (dying, lava, whatever).

Moreover, I have a solid collection of legendaries - but destroying “my favorites” doesn’t suddenly increase my interest in using the other stuff. I almost always use Serpent-man or Star-Metal anyways. Destroying 1 item I love won’t make me interested in using 1 item I hate. Before repair kits, I simply ignored legendaries because I refused to become attached to something I can’t preserve.

So why do I save them if I often don’t use them?

Trade - in PVP, early gifts create future allies - and I rather give them away (and have a reputation for gifts) than to stockpile (and attract raiders).

One of my favorite tropes in “Sword & Sorcery” isn’t being “Conan wannabe #2467423” … I rather be the vizier, the alchemist, the sage, etc. Just because I don’t want to wield a Legendary doesn’t mean I can’t find some “brave warrior” who would treasure it in their quest to kill a demon or dragon. I’ll toss in some potions, food, magic. And when clans go to war, the legendary warriors can go slaughter each other while leaving the harmless, helpful old sage hiding in the woods waiting for the next wave of replacement champions. Getting players to kill each other is way more fun than farming the same NPCs over and over for a legendary drop.


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