Dismantle Legendaries

Let us put terrible or broken legendaries in the dismantling bench to get a stack of 5 comparable (armor kits from armors and weapon repair kits from weapons) legendary repair kits instead. It will fix the issue with some legendaries and the bench itself being worthless in one fell swoop. 2 birds with one stone and all that.


Legendary weapons were at one time allowed to be dismantled in the bench (when they just newly introduced the bench). Fact

It really needs to give something that feels worth it too. 5 Legendary repair kits would make the farm and building the table feel worth it, and it would help take the sting out of getting a bad legendary.

It would also make farming for repair kits feel less tedious. Even someone like me, hater of needless tedium, would consider using legendaries at that point.

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My recollection was only 1 repair kit as return and maybe some other metal or wood from the handle. Not sure if disabling of this was intentional or not but considering the arrow debacle they probably reconsidered their position on having powerful items go in that bench.

ADDED: and I have not actually tested that you can or cannot dismantle in bench anymore. Assuming you did before posting (hopefully)

Then they should reconsider their reconsideration.

I am also unfamiliar with the arrow debacle you are referring to.

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ill pm

I mostly get 3 star metal bars from dismantling + maybe some other stuff.
Pretty bad…

Or… we could just ask to be able to repair broken legendaries :woozy_face:

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Legendary weapons can be repaired with a legendary repair kit that’s craftable with a Purge blacksmith. Why are you asking for something that’s already in the game ?

People aren’t having a problem repairing legendaries. They are having a problem repairing broken legendaries, aka legendaries with their durrability already at zero.

If you’re stupid enough to let an item breaks before thinking it might be useful to repair it, you deserve to be left with useless junk in your hand. There’s already in the game everything to take proper care of your legendary weapons and armours. Is it really more complicated to do just that than coming in the forum to whine and ask the game to be changed to fulfil your sense of entitlement ?

You just sound like you’re upset that you said this already was in the game when what they were talking about actually wasn’t available to them already in the game. Being rude to me isn’t going to change that.


To be able to use a repair kit to add one durability, then you would be able to repair the item that would be nice. A NPC in the Game like a Master Smith that would be able to bring the item back to a usable state so that you could repair it for a price.

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The game needs a Item durability icon for equipped weapons and armour so that it would be easier to keep track of our equipment.

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perhaps a built in system that shows the damage to a weapon by dulling the blade, adding scratches, ect making the weapon look damaged… no need for an icon… make it immersive!

I think an icon popping up when any piece of gear falls to 25% durability or below is a good idea.


When you say “immersive” do you not see your Health, Stamina, Food, Weight, Temp etc… all over the screen. A weapon/armour icon wouldn’t be a stretch and a lot more manageable.

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those things are a little harder to manage… and couldn’t really do it more immersive then it is… several games have tried and it ended up just being clunky and hard to manage… but for minor things like armor and weapon wear it just is positive for the company… the difference between a fun game and a game you can almost fall into! ((my opinion) done badly it just makes the company look lazy…) in fact i’d say that it should start as a icon to get the system in place; from there it can be expanded and altered

Then do both and have a option to turn off your icons or leave them visible for convince. When your running a lot of bosses/enemies and having to constantly check everything becomes annoying.

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There is no need for an icon or a popup window to know how much durability is left. Each weapon, tool and armour piece have a durability bar attached to them that is perfectly visible if you equip or wear the item.