Red Mother's Loot Table: Requesting a Tidy-up

Greetings fellow Exiles.

Something has been troubling me lately, and I am sure that you can all guess from the title of this thread, it is not coronavirus. But rather something which I am confident most, if not all of us have had our share of frustrations with over time. I am of course refering to the Red Mothers loot tables.

While I am genuinely not trying to be scornful or derogatory here, it is frankly a mess. I have now been trying to get a ‘Final Breath of the Red Mother’ for a considerable period of time, by that I mean since the third quarter last year, but to no avail. I understand that her loot is governed by a random number generator (which I am no expert on), which I am not opposed to in itself. However, other member details in a seperate thread outlining the loot tables and odds Red Mother drop rates/loot the Weighted odds (see esp. post no.10 by Lanessar) of obtaining a particular item range from <20% down to 2%. But the thing which bothers me most is actually the presence of inconsequential loot items upon killing her! For example, do we really need to have her drop trivial items like twine, steel bars, etc upon death…?? We can find such items almost anywhere, and we dont need them cluttering up the loot tables. The loot for such a higher tier Boss should be reserved for items such as: Legendary Items, Fragments of Power and Legendary Weapon/Armor repair Kits.

Funcom, I am humbly requesting a tidy-up of the Red Mothers loot tables. Here are some potential ideas to get us started, but I also encourage others to suggest their own.

-restrict her drops to high tier rewards such as Legendaries, Kits & Fragments
-remove trivial items such as twine, oil, etc
-consider removing dead Legendaries such as the Lifeblood Spear from the tables
-why not share the Legendary item drops with the Green dragon and White dragon too? Give us an incentive to seek them out and do battle with them
-maaaybe consider raising the numbers a little

Would anyone else like to weigh-in on this discussion? :dragon_face: :crossed_swords:


Yeah dropping twine from the red mother… its not like she sits around and knits. Id also like to have more of a reason to go after the other dragons. There are already many reasons to go to the UC so spreading out the love wouldnt hurt.


Well said darthphysicist. Such low level loot has no place on a Boss this high of a tier. And I am especially glad that you agree on the Green and White dragons. I honestly wouldnt even mind if we upscaled them a little as a trade off, making them the Green Mother and the White Mother respectively. But give us a reason to venture out and test our mettle against them beyond novelty value.


Could colloquially be known as Green Haired Old Lady and White Haired Bingo Gal.
Yeah beef em up. Those ladies are tough as nails…


Yeah it honestly bothers me seeing very low level loot in endgame dungeons or creatures. That happens with khari mobs, chests on every dungeon, and bosses. It makes no sense to me.

I would like to see some statistics on how many people kill/open said chests and mobs, and how many of those people actually pick any of those low tier items. Isn’t that how you should evaluate how useul are your item drops/features in the game?

I also did a thread some time ago talking about dragons and how little incentive we have to kill them. Small dragons drop the same important loot as big ones (being the horn and bones), while being easily beateable. World bosses grant you a key and one legendary, dragons don’t even give that.

In summary i completely agree with this, harder content should yeld higher tier items, and every creature or boss must give some incentive to kill them.


Same here Bone shield!!! REALLY!!!


I agree, legendary loot tables should have better “bad” drops.
My thoughts are the drops should placate the fantasy of the game.
IE, the only thing that should drop from bosses are things that they would interact with…
basically high tiered weapons, armor (flawless even), maybe star metal ore, and then of course FoP, legendary repair kits, and the “boss” weapons/armor assigned to them. Basically, it should give the idea others have come to kill the boss and died, then gotten eaten, leaving the high end loot in the bellies of the beast.


I love the image of her sitting there knitting, then all grumpy when an adventurer and his godly follower interrupt her…“Oh jeez, another one, sigh…”




That’s a hilarious image you just conjured in my mind! :smiley:

On a more serious note, I tend to rationalize those away as “bits of stuff she hasn’t digested yet from the last adventurer she ate”. At least it’s not like the old Might & Magic games, where you could loot a leather armor from the corpse of a rat…


30% chance to roll a success that leads to another loot table that has 8 legendaries in it. So 30%, followed by a 1/8 chance to get the item you want.


the loot rate is perfectly acceptable imho, and its called rng, “i want it i got it- arianna grande” otherwise the farming or " Bosses" aka loot pinatas wouldnt be fun at all. imagine killing a boss and handpicking what you want from its loot table… that woudl be so boring. and game killing. but i guess thats how modern gamers are now… every mmo’s rpgs and survival games have been based on the same work your butt off concept for the past 40 years.

Not because a handfull of impatient players are not willing to actually play the game how it was meant to be that the rest of the community has to take the hits. sadly going easy mode sugar coated sauce is not how survival games should be play otherwise its not a mmo or survival.

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No one is asking that.

Make the 30% sucess roll 100%, and then you get 1 out of the 8 items in that table.

And remove irrelevant drops. That’s what i’m (and maybe other people) asking.


hell nawh 30% is more than enough.
if you give it 100% chances to get something people will complain about the fact that you never get the item you want and people will start complaining about that too.
when it comes to gaming and people always complaining… you have to accept the fact that they will ask for the stupidest thing possible and then seeing them complain about it being not stupid enough.

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So the idea is never doing anything because probably people will complain? According to this, the game should be on patch still.


complaining about bugs, glitches and required fix. but making a game thats already easy as hell even easyer… if players are that lazy they shuld just stay in bed and not play. been farming red mother for her bow, cellar for the scythe and uc for more soc . i aint coimplaining because i understood long ago that farming and grinding is part of the fun. kids these days need more everquest 1 , pre pay to win, in their life more than anythign else

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Ah, the good old slippery slope.

Yeah, no, this slot machine grind can go get buggered with a red-hot poker.I don’t care if they get rid of the irrelevant drops or not. I don’t care if they increase the success rate to 100% or 50%. Whatever they do to improve the situation would be better than grinding for a couple of months without a useful drop, followed by getting the Last Breath twice in a row.

There is neither skill nor challenge in that. Hell, it’s not even fun after a while. We’re literally playing a non-stop game of chance, a freaking lottery. And when someone dares to suggest that maybe – at the very least – the odds should improve, the same group of people crawls out of the woodwork to protest it, for reasons I can’t explain other than a gambling addiction or perhaps Stockholm syndrome.

Personally, I would love it if they decided to toss the lottery into the garbage and implement something that’s actually fun, but I tweaking the odds is easier and cheaper, so I would settle for that.

Oh, that is rich… I can almost taste the irony.


How would twine even survive her flame attack? At most some ash should fall out of her dentures.

Yeah its not an issue of every time something awesome should drop, but more of an issue that literally no one farms the red mother for twine or a piece of wood.


Sometimes it makes sense, mats to make arrows in the dregs chests and mats to make torches in the unnamed city are not completely useless.

but… mostly I drop that feces, when I’m in there I’m using my encumberence for the stuff I’m farming.

That is @ 3% to get the one you want.

30% just to get table, times 12% to get the one you want.

so 12% of 30 % of 100 is 3


how would a bow a sword or even a helm survive theheat of her breath…please enlighten me