The Sand Reaper Queen strikes back!

I don’t know if I missed it in the patch notes but the Queen just got waaaaay cooler!

She does a couple of new things making the fight allot more engaging.

First off, she can hit back, I can’t stun lock her to death. Three hits with my axe and I better dodge! - Great!
Then she does this awesome tail swipe thing! Finally that nasty looking tail gets some use - Excellent!
And to top it all off, after the tail swipe, she spews toxic neon green vomit all over you! - AWESOME!!!

I’ve since went and murdered her about 3 more times just to make sure, and its really fun. I absolutely love it!!!


Stoked! It’s really exciting whenever they update — they tend to hide a lot of cool things that you don’t see right away, but you definitely feel it improving a lot over time.


I used to be able to solo her easily with a spear. Pokey, pokey, poker, dodge. But now? I don’t know what to do. I’ve tried it three times and quickly died twice, mostly from that nasty poison she spews. I even carried a stack of Set antidote and a stack of ambrosia, but with the same result. I thought that with the tail swipe and the poison that she may be impossible to kill.

But now you say that you’ve killed her three times. So I have some questions:

  1. What is your attribute build?
  2. Are you using a shield with your axe?
  3. What armor are you wearing?
  4. Dodging doesn’t seem to get me out of her poison-spewing range. Are you double-dodging?
  5. Are you using palisades or walls?

Anyhow, I’d really appreciate it if you would describe your strategy.

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Hello Fortyniners.
I consider myself still a very big NOOB but here goes…:rofl:

IIRC my stats are:
Strength - Full ( so with my Dragon bone axe + Legendary Shield its 60 + 60 dmg )
Vitality - To the perk that diminishes the weather effect (although it does not seem to work?)
Grit - I play on a private PVE server where stamina costs are adjusted VERY low so 0 in ( help allot!)
Accuracy - Is at the first perk
Encumbrance - the rest basically

I wear the advanced armorers bench perfect gear, Medium Vanir mixed with medium Aqualonian (DLC) for the heat.
And I use roasted haunch and aloe soup cos 1 poison hit hurts ALLOT.

Ok so this is obviously allot easier due to the server with the low stamina costs and you would prob have to walk around sideways allot more to regen stamina. But the fight is basically power strike 3 times and just as she starts to recoil for a normal poison hit I dodge sideways and walk around her. If she looks like she is gonna do her new tail whip thing I walk further back and wait till she starts spewing green vomit and go in for 1 to 2 full power combos. Rinse and repeat.

Hope that helps. And have fun!

EDIT: Just did it again and I must be honest the low stamina costs makes it allot easier. I hope that I can convince our admin to do an adjustment for that added strategic side. But I did follow my own tips and I believe even with normal or close to normal stamina costs it may get you the win. Really hope it helps.

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