BUG: Defibrillator

I was playing my 3rd run of Iron Mutant on very hard and this time defibrillator did not spawn in the second floor of The House of Bones! help me!

Have you cleared a zone? I’m sure that generator could be looted only after a full clear. Maybe it’s the case here too?

The question is, did you destroy the part of the floor where the artifact was by throwing grenade at it? :stuck_out_tongue: If yes than good Sir I have a bad news for you.

I seem to have the same issue, the defibrillator is also missing in my play through also, I only knew it should be there by watching a youtuber clear the zone. It’s possible the pyro on that floor died near enough to it’s table that the fire hit it but surely it shouldn’t be destroyable!

Had the same issue first. But after I cleared the whole area the Defib was not where I expected it (2nd floor, first room) but in the ground floor last room. Don’t know if it was there before I killed all enemies. Anyways, I got it :slight_smile:

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I looted the defibrillator without clearing the zone. Just snuck right in.

Thank you, this helped!