House of Bones Defib missing - (post is for HUGO) - and I didn't blow it up

Hi Hugo,

I can’t send DM’s and the other thread is closed. I’ve posted these 2 links to my save games.

Save game 8 - snuck in to the defib location before clearing any enemies. It’s not there.
www dropbox com/s/j8wiusme2jcdrvx/Slot8.sav?dl=0

Save game 6 - cleared the area of all enemies. defib isn’t there.
www dropbox com/s/dmby4ki6ab959i5/Slot6.sav?dl=0

Hopefully this helps you figure out the mystery of the missing defibrilator!! :slight_smile:


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Hello @calindor, thank you for reaching out and sharing your saves with us, we’ll be forwarding them to the developers so that the issue can be looked into as we’ve been unable to replicate it on our end!

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