Magnus Appears Despite Being In Party - PS4

Pretty simple. If you return to ‘The House of Bones’ with Magnus in your party he still appears tied up on the mech. Bit daft but not game breaking by any means.

I can’t add photos (new user) but I’ve shared to Twitter.

Heya, thank you for the report. If you still got those screenshots could you post them here now? I changed your trust level so you should be able to do that now. :slight_smile:

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Sorry Nicole. It’s still saying “New users can’t upload images.”

Ah. No. I closed my old browser instance and logged back in.

Here’s the duplicate Magnus (as PC and bound) pic.

I realise I know what I mean but thought it might help to ring the issues where not obvious.

Awesome thank you so much!! Forwarded to the devs to get looked at. If they need any other details or info on this we’ll get back to you. Much appreciated!

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