The problem with the quest “Explore crash site”

Hello. It has already reported a similar problem, but no solutions have been found. The fact is that I can’t do the quest with a tour of the wreck site in the House of Bones. Rather, I already executed it once, took Magnus to the team and clicked “save.” After loading the save, the game again requires me to inspect the crash site, while no action near the robot is provided. Accordingly, I cannot move further along the plot, there is no possibility to load an earlier saving. As there is no opportunity to start the game again - after all, I already spent about 12 hours on this passage and I have no desire to start anew.

What do i guys do?

Sorry for my English.

I’m not sure I completely understand. You have Magnus but the mission that sends you south of the Ark to rescue Hammon hasn’t started?

Yes, I have Magnus. But the task, after which he becomes available as a member of the squad, is considered unfulfilled. Although I already released him from the robot and watched the corresponding video. However, the game still asks me to inspect the crash zone. Although no action can be performed near the robot can not. I do not know what will be next in the story, because I just can not move forward. Magnus, by the way, continues to hang in his place - but this is a known bug. For me, the main problem is that the quest is considered unfulfilled.

I had Magnus still hanging on my first playthrough but I could still go through the Iron Serpent into the Metal Fields which only unlocks once you save him. Have you tried getting past the Zone Dogs in the Iron Serpent?

Yes, I killed all the dogs in the Steel Snake, and tried to go further, but some of the team members said something like “first you need to explore the wreck zone” or something like that. Accordingly, the game does not let me continue.

I hope they get it fixed. That’s a lot of time gone.

Yeah, thx. Me too.

I have this exact same issue… RIP guess I will move onto a new game.

I quit right after the cinematic when getting the guy down from the wreck. I can’t remember I may have alt-f4ed right after or closed through the menu.

When I logged back in I couldn’t get past the objective.

Exact same problem today, would upload a screenshot but new users can’t.

Considered buying DLC but this sucks and not solving game breaking bug for 9 months is not acceptable, this is not only thread I found this issue reported.

Would load a save, but I did 3 saves after it happened (without knowing that something just broke) and cannot go back, thanks for that limitation and wasted hours, I enjoyed your game up to this point.

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This issue should be addressed in the upcoming hotfix, as we’ve had trouble replicating it on our end.

We apologize for the frustration it has caused and hope that in due time you’ll give us another chance.

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Thanks a lot, there was an update and I decided to give it a go. So after loading mission moved from Magnus to save Hammond, but after I cleared Iron Serpent (Mother dog, etc.) it has not shown passage via tunnel. Again I wondered around and cleared north 35/45 levels but it did not changed the thing, Finally got to youtube and checked that i.e. h_t_t_p_s:// gets passage granted straight after killing dogs at 38:55. So it looks like not a single bug but whole chain of it. Maybe you want my save game? I uploaded it at h_t_t_p_s:// there is also one crash report as game died on me in random moment (totally nothing I did, just was walking around).
Best wishes,

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Thank you for sharing the save with us, we’ll forward it to the developers so that they can look into it!

Does reloading the map not cause the entrance to the cave to appear?
Also, does moving into the entrance not work at all?

Unfortunately not, I reloaded map few times as I was wondering around doing stuff anywhere something was left hoping it will unblock it. Reloaded game too.

I cannot simply go into the tunnel it looks like it opens when its activated. I’m not getting dialog that is too early (the one I would get before rescuing Magnus either.

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