House of Bones - Cannot proceed after investigation - Save Data Issue

I played and completed the quest ‘House of Bones’, watched the cinematic, ‘saved’ Magnus, saved the game and quit. Coming back, I have Magnus available in my squad, but the next location is not unlocked. The current objective says to ‘Investigate the Crash-site’. Upon coming up on it, there is nothing I can do, this play through is blocked. Found various other posts detailing the same issue. Thanks!

PC - Epic Launcher

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Hello @domsau, welcome to the community!

The team is aware of the issue and it’s being looked into, we’ve recently managed to replicate it thanks to a user’s savegame that was shared with us, so hopefully it will be fixed in an upcoming update, apologies for the frustration it has caused you.

Appreciate the update, will wait to continue after the update!

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