"Explore crash site" quest is bugged

The quest stuck after the cutscene. Magnus is in my squad, but he’s still on the robot. I have cleared the area, and multiple others afterward to see if the quest would unstuck but I can’t move forward because I cant interact with the object of my quest : magnus on the robot in “house of bones”.

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I got the same issue. Have you had any lock bypassing or fixing it?

Same Issue. Developers, are you going to fix it?

Same problem. just bought the game and love it. but then the bug appeared so frustrating.
i just want to continue. please fix this.

There seems to be radio silence on fixing bugs right now, very disappointing when the game is so riddled with them.

Just wanted to note that this is still happening :frowning:

Console updates seem to have been abandoned. I’m sure Jens will come along and say that “updates are coming” but they seem more concerned about DLC than actually fixing the game.