Concussive Damage?

Sth is not right here. Maybe others can test and share their observations:

Steel Truncheon with regular Advanced Blunted Fitting vs Daicas - 3 hits for Daicas o.O
Steel Truncheon with the new super Oil of Concussion vs Daicas - like 2% per hit? o.O

P.S. I only have +3 str as well.


at least it’s broken useless instead of broken OP

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but what is broken now is the advanced blunted fitting. it knocks a converted daicas out in 2 hits with +3 str only lmao :smiley: with 40 str, it took 95% of the bar with a single hit :smiley:

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absolutely right (embarrassing) I misread. How did they manage to do that?!

I just noticed the 2% and did the math of 50 hits and knew that was wrong (but maybe not with 3 str?! I don’t ever have that)

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em, idk how many it takes normally but last i farmed volcano with 40 str they took at least 10 hits if not more. as i said, i might be doing sth wrong but looks like the damage numbers are swapped somehow and if so, that oil will be op for pvp because it basically eliminates the thralls from the battle.

a lot of pvprs would enjoy that im sure, but considering how easy it is now to neutralize thralls I hate to see concussive damage more broken.

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I have done some further tests, the problem seems to be in the blunted fittings:

Khitan Low Tier Bow + Advanced blunted fitting + Blunted Arrows - very low concussive dmg
Steel Truncheon without modification - very low concussive dmg
Steel Truncheon with Oil - very low concussive dmg
Steel Truncheon with any blunted weapon fitting - big damage on my ping :heart_eyes: 2-3 hits to unconscious T4 volcano fighter thrall
Basic Truncheon with basic blunted weapon fitting - 5-6 hits to unconscious T4 volcano fighter thrall


I think it usually took about 10-15 arrows before on relic hunter (some would just bounce off lol)

Nerf the blunt fitting now

Can confirm @Narelle findings.

Steel Truncheon with Advanced Blunted Weapon Fitting
Daicas the Sharp
3 Hits with light attack
2 Hits with heavy attack

Tested on solo settings mirror official.

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According to some videos posted on YouTube(firespark and just horse) oil of concussion is a 1000% increase. Seen them knock out a level 4 thral with like ten hits using oil versus 30+ hits when not using oil with only blunted fitting but hey the oil is “balanced” right? Of course it is and weapon fitting needs to be nerfed! Lol

That’s the thing though. In our tests it doesn’t take 30 hits or 10 even. It takes 2-3 with a regular truncheon with advanced blunted fitting to knock out a Daicas or Spinas. I will test with more thralls to see if it is just volcano fighters. It could be a problem with the thralls. Which is why I asked more players to test to compare and find out the issue.

EDIT: Just tested again with more thralls. Same result. The thrall firespark81 uses is 1 hit for me with a blunted fitting.
EDIT2: Firespark81 uses regular truncheon though without modifications:

My settings:
Singleplayer with TestLive client - no mods

My video skills are not nearly as great as those of Firespark81 but it should be pretty obvious what i am talking about:
Truncheon + Advanced Blunted Fitting / Truncheon with no modifications / Truncheon with Oil / Truncheon + Advanced Blunted Fitting to finish it off.

EDIT3: and another player reporting the same thing:


from the modding discord


looks like they had transfered it wrong from the old implementation to the new one (data table based)

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Thanks for your hard work and effort. This seems to be a problem within their latest patch released on test live servers cause I play on official server and always use steel truncheon with advanced blunted fitting and has never knocked out a t4 thrall that fast and not even my thrall using it knocks them out this fast. Idk what’s going on there but this isn’t currently in live servers but it needs to be addressed before full release. Once again thanks for your hard work.


@Testerle Thank you.
@Chilling Indeed. This section is only for TestLive. Hopefully, it will be looked at.

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Everyone I appreciate the time you put into test live. I am on ps4 and will benefit from your work.

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I though it prudent to upload a video of my findings as well. I can confirm what @Narelle has pointed out and tested above.

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Thanks for doing testing and showing a video of it. I did my testing in official server too and hence why I mentioned above in this thread that I’ve never been able to knock out a t4 thrall in 2 hits. 16 hits is half of what it takes without the fitting on it. Imo that’s fine. Two hits is plain absurd and since it’s a problem on test live hope they fix it before dropping the update live.

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