Blunted fittings rework proposal

Hey there,

Recently with the changes to how attributes etc work as well as NPC health reduction resulted in a number of complaints regarding concussive damage weapons. Some managed to kill NPCs with truncheons or blunted arrows before they got knocked out.

I propose a simple solution for this that doesn’t really break anything. - I think.
The proposal is that whenever the player applies a BLUNTED fitting to ANY weapon, in the process of applying the fitting, also set the health damage of that weapon to 1 and have the game ignore health damage from a 1 damage weapon. Essentially… blunting the weapon :slight_smile:

I can’t really see any bad side-effects of this aside from people potentially having some silly looking thrall-taking weapons like 2 handed swords or axes, however the effect would still be roughly half of that of a truncheon since the weapon itself does not have concussive base damage, so that should be fine imo. Then people could also apply those fittings to their bow as well and just use blunted arrows again if they want to without killing NPCs.

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