Thrall Hunting - Too Easy

Single-Player - No Mods
Decadent Level
No changes to default setting except decrease thrall crafting speed.

Level 34
Armor: Standard Royal Armor
Weapon: Iron Trucheon with Simple Blunted Weapon Kit

STR: 14
Hunting Ground: Sepermeru

T1 & T2 - Knocked out in one hit
T3 - Knocked out in one to two hits
T4 - Knocked out in about three or four hits

I even knocked out Enika of Cimmeria in two hits. Granted she is weak for a named fighter, but it should be more difficult.

I am not sure if this is intentional, but it takes the fun out of thrall hunting. This is way too easy.


Thank you for sharing your observations with us. We have done some tests as well and can confirm that there is something not quite right with the blunted fittings.

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