Interesting, as a froob if I want Intel or Psychic .

Not a whine or complaint, or any thing like that, just something I noticed, as playing just froob.
maybe I am wrong what I have found, but there are no Nanoskills for FROOB in Intelligence or Psychic, just Strength, Agility, Stamina, and Sense.
what ?? am I supposed to just play a Nanomage :thinking: if I want some Intelligence or Psychic

oh there are other ways to get Intelligence or Psychic, but not as easy as the rest. I guess I never really noticed this in the past, since I had always had at least 1 sub running. Just now I’m surprised there was zero in Nanoskills for those 2, as a froob

guess I’ll be searching for more ways to get more Intelligence or Psychic

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Yeah. I think there’s only two friendly all/all nano-formula INT or Int/psy buffs.

NPCs Granting Buff

Clan and Omni characters can only receive the buff from their respective NPCs. Neutrals can visit either NPC.
This buff lasts for two hours and consumes 0 NCU.

  • OMNI players talk to Elliot Fairlane (/waypoint 450 355 710) in Omni Trade East of the whompah
  • Clan players talk to Stella Barnes (/waypoint 450 290 540), standing in front of the billboard South of the Tir whompah in Old Athen

Offer up your wrist and receive the nano Coalescing Energy Cascade which last for 2 hours. It buffs abilities and increases earned XP.


  • Max Nano at level 60 300 (1000 at lvl 200)
  • Max Health at level 60 300 (1000 at lvl 200)
  • First Aid 20
  • Strength 10
  • Agility 10
  • Stamina 10
  • Intelligence 10
  • Sense 10
  • Psychic 10
  • Add. Xp 2

Bureaucrat: Improved Cut Red Tape +3 Int/Psy (29 NCU)

Someone will be along to correct me!

Unless there’s been some recent update froobs can actually use the NS in a form of a can.
It’s not for everday use but it comes in handy when you try to equip better stuff.

you guys made my search easier

now :thinking: where is the mission to get smuggled into a container being shipped to the NPC selling those, hmmm :thinking:

I didn’t know it was as simple as that, and knowing is half the battle . . GOOOoo Joe

again Thanks6


You can buy them from GMI or from other players. I can confirm that it works (or at least used to) as I used it on multiple occasions on my froob accounts.