How does casting a nano affect number of auto attacks in a given time window?

So I have a lvl 67 MP and I’m looking at ways to increase DPS. My pet does a lot of damage already, but I figured why not add a little more if I can. I’m wielding 1hb weapons already but I think I could gain a lot of DPS by using the nano attack lines as well. Assuming the cast time is instant on an attack nano, what affect does instant cast nanos have on auto attacks? Assuming I regularly do 40 attacks a minute with 2 weapons, will that change at all if I’m spamming instacast nukes?

Only the nano attack time locks you from any other action (perk, weapon, etc).

The nano recharge time (during which the nano icon on shortcut bar will show a countdown to re-availability) shouldn’t affect the attack/recharge of your weapons (no matter if melee nor ranged) ; it only affects other nanocasting.

So, if your nuke loads instantly you can use it at will without losing any of your 1HB damage over time :wink:

PS : you can gain even more by raising/buffing both nano & melee init skills + setting your agg/def bar further to the right (but be cautious as it will also make you take more damage if hitten).

Awesome!! =D

But wait, I didn’t think agg/def bar configuration affected damage taken, just how often they hit/missed you. Does it really affect damage taken?

doesnt the cast reset your auto attack timer? Or is that just visual? I notice on my crat a lot, she’s just about to shoot then I nuke and then she doesn’t shoot until the next attack bar fills

cast nanos when your weapon is recharging, never when attacking. that way you wont lose auto attack dps. and yeah get your nukes to instant cast. if you spam while your weapons are attacking then you will definitely lose auto attack dps.

what i mean by attacking and recharging are the yellow bars in the top left corner that come up when you start attacking, those pretty much tell you when you are going to hit next.

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