Buff timer extensions

Can we finish editing the durations for the remaining buffs to 4 hours please, here is a list I can think of:

Superior First Aid
Riot Control
Offensive Steamroller
Superior Omni-med Enhancement
Swiss Cheese
quantum uncertainty
dark movement
Personal Notum Harvester
Izgimmer’s obfuscated recompiler
Notum Overload
Element of Impact

Please add them below and I will update the list

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It always amuses me a little that Personal Notum Harvester and Izgimmer’s Obfuscated Recompiler didn’t get the extended duration that HnQ did. :slight_smile: Less enthused about the nano range nanos, but Notum Overload and its line, too.

I’d say all the friendly nano’s that now last 20 minutes or more, with some possible exceptions (rrfe, mochams, infuses?). This list would be hundreds of nano’s, so maybe instead we should list the ones that shouldn’t get their duration increased?

I actually miss the days when buffs were something to need to maintain, but now with so many people so high level and with so many twinkers making up the population…

Might as well just give a free +20 to every stat and call it a day.

Well I only listed the top nanos for a reason, I think there should be some kind of reward for the effort of being able to cast them.