[NT] Managing Aggro, Taunt and Detaunt properly

Hi dear Forum,

my NT is at Level 205 now, (hurraa!) :slight_smile:

As i try to kill some bigger Mobs now, which usually demands being in a Team, i experience some problems handling the aggro of the Mob.

Due to my nature as being a Nanomage, i am not made for tanking at all. I rather stay a side and fire my nukes until the Monster is dead.

Usually i steal Aggro even from level 220 Team mates (e.g. MAs or Soldiers, but not(!) Enforcers) due to my nukes. I wonder what i can do about it without going gimp or stop doing damage.

I have the “Fade Anger” detaunt perk. But as it has a 40 second lock after using, i am unsure when the right time is to use it. Before i get aggro? (E.g. every 40 seconds as a precaution measure?) or when i just got the attention of the mob? (but it may be to late than)

Are there maybe other ways to manage the aggro and taunt situation in a team properly?

I am currently using a radiation damage gear and i prefer Enfraam’s Ultimate Destroyer and Impending Demise for nuking, which do radiation damage. As far as i can see in AOItems and Auno, there is no additional extra taunt modifier on these nukes.

Maybe you all know a bit more and can help me? :slight_smile:



detaunt works like this, the moment you cast it : you get minus ■■■ amount of damage of aggro
so the more you cast this, the lower your aggro is overall.

Hope this helps.