The new player asks for advice about the equipment

Hello, I have the following questions about my character, below I present the current equipment:
Head: Radiant Ashes of Crushed Cities [Epic], Simple fierce glyph [Standard], Signet of Bladestorm [Epic];
Neck: Radiant Seed of Aggression [Epic], Intricate Devastating Glyph [Superior], Signet of Adept [Superior];
Wrist: Radiant Braclet [Superior], Intricate Fierce Glyph [Superior];
Finger: Radiant Ring [Epic], Simple Fierce Glyph [Standard], Signet of Pupil [Standard];
Luck: Radiant Dice [Epic], Simple Fierce Glyph [Standard];
Waist: Radiant Master’s Chain [Epic], Intricate Accurate Glyph [Epic];
Radiant Rakshani Charm [Epic], Simple Fierce Glyph [Standard];
Primary: Soulblade of Enrgy mk III [Epic], Simple Fierce Glyph [Standard];
Secondary: Elementalist focus of Restoraion mk III [Superior];
Gadget: Borrowed Clarvoriance Drone (Knockdown for 4 sec)
First question:
What should I improve first, Glyph, Signets or Weapons?
Second one:
What kind of gadget should I choose? CC or DOT or something diffrent?
Third one: Blade of Seventh Son is the best blade in game or should i buy something else?
Four one: What is better too farm Seek & Preserve or Occult Defense?

P.S. I apologize for all grammatical and stylistic mistakes, English is not my natural language.

Blade was my first choice of weapon in SWL and took it to max IP 1630. It’s a fun but challenging weapon to play main but has the potential to perform quite well in endgame (30k sustained DPS). Based on your gear you are still a ways from that point but if you are looking to Maximize blade then yes Blade of the Seventh Son of Energy is the preferred BiS weapon. Your talismans actually look like good choices and you signets are also spot on so you’ve done some reasearch. As for what to focus on try to get your crit rating up because blade performs much better with good energy regeneration, it often considered one of the weapons the benefits less from energy but since Spirit Blade damage is greater with power abilities you want to avoid basics as much as possible. And with the seventh son blade this is even more relevant. Occult Defense is your fastest means of obtaining glyph levels but it can be challenging to do at your IP. Message me in game though “Drenneth” and if I’m not busy I’m happy to run you through. As for gadget again based on energy requirements Vali Metabolic is the best but cleanses and impairs are also generally very useful.

Consider this info to be mostly focused at someone aiming to excel in DPS and dungeon content. So depending on you focus some of this may be more then what’s necessary for you.

Drenneth’s already commented on your gear choice, so I’ll just add a few things :slight_smile:

Talismans and Weapons are upgraded through dungeons mostly. There’s no specific activity which will only give you weapon distillates, so level them alongside your talismans.

Glyphs will give you more of a damage boost than signets, so it’s best to get those levelled up as a priority. You’ll get some glyph xp doing dungeons, but for efficient farming, Occult Defense is indeed best - hopefully you have enough MoF to just run a single wave and repeat. You’ll also get a bit of signet xp from OD, though not as much as doing lairs.

There’s (hopefully) nothing to stop you from running dungeons, OD and lairs all in the same day though, which will help level everything up! Good luck :smiley:

Thank you guys for response, and I will message @Drennath in game if i had any trouble :wink:

  1. About Occult defence, single wave is not a problem but i lack CC on second onward.
  2. So i will focus on glyphs, but i m current stuck on a main weapon. I have 30 lvl on my soulblade and i dont want waste distillates on another blade weapon to make it mythic. I can buy Blade of Seventh son of efficiency in AH, is it a good alternative or should i wait for smothing with Energy mk III?
  3. What should i buy in first place, weapon or Intricate glyphs? Currency is not a problem i have 200k of Marks of Favor (i know some items cost 600k and more but i can buy few glyphs and/or weapon)

i would say you will want to have intricate glyphs in your talismans from mythic and beyond. This is just to save the removal fee when upgrading to legendary glyphs. Before that point don’t worry too much about buying intricates as for me I always had one drop for me once a week just running missions in Kaiden.

The same rule applies for your weapon you can really go for anything up till mythic but legendary is the point of no return. For blade there are two popular options one being the Seventh Son which has the highest DPS potential and another one is the Soviet Techsword which frees a slot up and greatly reduces the complexity of the spirit blade mechanic. If your intent is not to see how much you can maximize blades damage then the Techsword is a good option. I will check I might even have a spare one in my bank.

The reason Techsword lacks despite its benefits is that Spirit Blade damage can make up 40-50% of your damage, and you lose control over managing it with that blade. Also it converts at a 1:1 ratio where manually if you forge at 5 you get 6 attacks (5:6 ratio) a small bonus but fairly noticeable.

As far r what to buy first just buy as needed. When you get to the point where you are hitting mythic +

Kaiden? Im half way through Shadow Forest so few more locations (days) are in meantime. And about Soviet Techsword its seems like… waste potential and simplification of spirit blade mechanics so i will pass, but thanks for offer.

I just bought Seventh son of Effic, I was out of slots in bagpack, half of it was a distillates. My build is mostly about Supreme Harmony so this can help shorten cooldown a little.

Thanks for help :slight_smile:

Yes actually very happy you noticed this. I just wasn’t sure what your goals were but Techsword is indeed a lazy mans blade so to speak.

Also good point on efficiency. Supreme harmony is a key element of blade. Not only that but you will notice that it directly counters the health lost when using Seventh son. So the faster it’s off cd the better. Of course signet of cruel delight also counters the damage received very well but if you ever wanted to run with laceration for even more DPS supreme harmony will be enough by itself. Also Supreme Harmony is key in maintaining 100% uptime of spirit blade.