Newb Build Questions and the Opposite Connundrum

So, I started following the game when it launched, but I didn’t have a computer that could handle it until a couple weeks ago. A lot has changed with the relaunch from TSW to SWL and I’m trying to reconfigure my build.

At the time I started looking into it, it seemed like your starting skill availability was based on your Faction, so I started putting together a Fist/Chaos concept. At current launch such a thing wasn’t available with the starting classes, so I went with Ravager cause Fist was the most important to the concept and unlocked Chaos at the first opportunity, so at current status Chaos is lagging behind a bit.

I don’t have it sitting right in front of me and there’s maintenance going on, but I’m pretty much using the basic first tier Fist DPS tree, I think Thrash, Savage Sweep, Mangle, etc. Breakdown and Schism from Chaos. And I’m going to try to work in a Heal when I finish the last tier of Fist, probably Regeneration. My Passives are mostly the first tier of Fist with some basic Chaos stuff thrown in. I’m currently working on the Chaos passives with the Evade bonus at the end, and then the one with the HP and Protection bonus. I know generally investing in Evade isn’t a high priority, but it seems like you get a little more payoff with Chaos. Debating about learning Hammer later.

The general attack pattern is use up my Fist energy with Mangle or Savage Sweep depending on how crowded I am, then switch to Breakdown/Schism. Hopefully by the time I run out of Chaos energy my Fist energy will have replenished and I can switch back. I try to reserve Frenzied Wrath for bosses. I’m currently playing as a Melee DPS but I have designs on Tanking when I’m more comfortable and knowledgeable. The word on the street seems to be that Tanking is very demanding in this game so I want to make sure I’m good at it before I take on the responsibility.

Currently favoring Fist Weapons of Restoration and Chaos Weapons with Crit bonuses. I’m not too impressed with the Fist special belt since I don’t use Frenzied Wrath that often. The Chaos one seems nice though, but I haven’t gotten one yet cause I’m leaning more on Fist skills.

So, anything I can do to improve my build and/or my “strategy” such as it is?

Also, a lot of the skill names have changed and there are a few that I’m having trouble finding. Are Role skills still a thing? Like Agitator and Stoicism? Also looking for the new equivalents of Chaotic Pull, Consequence, and Escalation.

For Story Mode content it isn’t too important how you build, and it is a good time to test out what you are comfy with. Later content you probably wanna have different builds for different situations.

Role abilities is still a thing, although there are no global abilities like Agitator from TSW. Tanking weapons are Chaos, Hammer, Shotgun. Healing weapons are Fist, Rifle, Blood. For both roles you find most of the role specific abilities in the 3rd row. If you are up for the read [Guide] Ability Pages and Basic Builds

As a DPS with these two weapons you wanna stay in the upper row for group content, and be careful what you pick in the 2nd row.

I feel like i should recommend going with two tanking weapons for tanking, but i personally prefere Chaos/Elemental so i’m not one to judge.

Chaotic pull is now called Evulsion, and together with it’s passive Mass Evulsion, the pull becomes an AoE.

In comparison to TSW you will find that abilities in SWL often have more than one effect to them: Evulsion for instance is both an interrupt and a taunt.

I see people with much more different builds in SWL than i did in TSW (despite less abilities). What you end up with is a lot about your focus and what works for you.

Sorry for all the blabbering. Below are some things to take into account when designing a build.

  1. For your primary weapon, i would highly recommend working it’s mechanic (Wrath mode for fist, paradoxes for chaos). Not doing so will be less efficient.
  2. For secondary weapon, don’t be surpriced if you can not work your weapon mechanic well. It is by design.
  3. The Weapons you choose also become a part of how your build works. For instance some weapons work really well for secondary weapons so you can enjoy their weapon mechnic better. This is a great sheet for all things swl SWL Gear and Theoryfract
  4. Special belts are a great way to make the mechanic of the weapon more effective. I would recommend using the belt for your primary weapon though.
  5. Gadgets are a nice way to replace an ability, that you don’t otherwise have space for. Look at it as an extra ability slot.
  6. Head, Ring and Neck signets work around Elite, Basic and Power Abilities respectively. Elite Signets come as both CD and increased damage. As such they also contribute to you build (but first a concern at lvl 50)
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Thanks. A lot of useful info there. Yeah, I was thinking I might have to double up on Tanking abilities when I switch roles, that’s why I was thinking about unlocking Hammer next just in case it became necessary. I also have a Brawler belt I’ve been holding onto and that looks really nice. At first glance I thought it was a fist belt, but slightly different terminology. But if I do make a Hammer/Chaos Tank Build it’ll be really helpful. So how do you get Role skills now? Do you have to do something special with Anima Allocation?

Nothing Special. As mentioned roles specific abilities are found in the 3rd row, along with a few in the 2nd row. For tanking weapons this means that the two Power abilities and the Basic ability in 3rd row all generate extra hate. The Elite in 3rd row is by most tanks used as 1 of their mitigation abilities. Further more each tanking weapon come with 1 Special ability in 2nd row, which directly protects, and 1 that cause healing. As mentioned in the guide i made, i personally recommend to use the Gadget as an impair, but alternatively a taunt or mitigation.

General Setup: (some fights need modifications)

  • Primary Basic ability from 3rd row
  • Primary Power Ability AoE/ST from 3rd row
  • Secondary Power Ability AoE/ST from 3rd row
  • Three mitigations
  • One Interrupt

Mitigation and Impair you pick from Gadgets and 20sec CD abilities (Elites and Specials). You have 1 Gadget and 3 Abilities you can add to the build at this point. Personally i recommend a 2:1 (primary:secondary) for the abilities. I also personally prefere to run the Interrupt with the Gadget, as gadgets can be used while you are channeling other abilities.

General Build regardless of role: Primary Basic, Primary Power, Secondary Power, 1 Elite, 2 Specials.

Do note that when it comes to talismans, pips are always more important than extraordinary effects. A generic radiant belt is better than a luminous brawler belt. The same goes for glyphs, though there no extraordinary variants there. Weapons are the reverse. Pips don’t matter all that much as they only modify the suffix, so a good Mk I extraordinary weapon will be better than a generic Mk III. Just something to keep in mind.

Hum i won’t go as far as claiming this without maths, your statement might actually be wrong for the weapon-specific belts. Probably wrong for the Egon as well, but i don’t know the difference in AR between a luminous and a radiant, so i’d keep it to “probably”.

Considering how ridiculously cheap radiant talismans are now, belts in particular, this advice is obsolete. A radiant brawler belt, for example is less than 200 MOF.

Thank you for this. I am also transitioning late from TSW to SWL, and your post has been most helpful to read… Also… now I know I didn’t misread something earlier… in that there are levels in SWL now. Hmm…

… I really loved the idea of “no levels” that TSW had, and expected them to keep that aspect even with the relaunch. Weird.

Perhaps it was too novel a concept.

While Levels exist, it is not quite in the manner that they do in other mmos. They mainly went with it, so new players were looking at something familiar, and to give characters a progression on base stats. The latter means it is harder to screw yourself over, because you didn’t make the most optimal build.

At level 50 is where “end game” content starts. Elite Dungeons, Scenarioes etc. At this point your Level stops having much meaning, and your “level” is instead measured in your Item Power (IP). At the end of the day the levels are mostly fictive if you ask me =P.

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Hmm… Thanks for that!

Good to know.

Also, I made a thread regarding builds in the General area (not realizing Orochi Labs was for gameplay discussion)… would you mind taking a look and passing me your 2 cents?