Need leveling healing/dps build

returning to secret worlds legends,played SW was fist back then

Would you prefer to stay with fists main in SWL, or are you more interested in trying out blood or assault rifle?

You really should decide that bit yourself, because no matter which of them you pick, somebody will have a good suggestion for your preferred main weapon.

First off, unless you’re an obsessive microoptimizer, you don’t need heal gear anymore - get a full dps set, and the game allows you to heal just fine in that using the new “anima allocation” feature.

Second there’s nothing to builds anymore - take a power ability of each weapon, a basic ability of your primary, an elite that sounds useful, and then whatever else seems good. You really can’t go wrong by picking all dps options though - the game is enough easier than TSW that you won’t need healing or defensive moves to get through the story.

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All good points. Just wanted to add that if you have any desire to get into endgame beyond the story be advised that fist is not a popular endgame weapon. Especially as primary, if you just love using fist then by all means you can still do reasonably well with it just be aware that it is lower on the list of “best” endgame weapons.

i love to doing the story and endgame stuff dungeons mostly