Paladin build SWL


I am fairly new to the game. Played some TSW but did not get into it until recently. I love blade and pistols and really want a cool build with it. I have seen that there was a paladin build in TSW and I’d really like to get something similar in SWL. I’ve been googling and reading tons of guides and so on. Not found the specific answers I am looking for.

Is there anyone that is running pistol and blade that can share some tips, actives passives and so on?

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See How to Build: All Weapons for information on what actives/passives are recommended for each weapon, both when used as primary weapon and as secondary.

Since there is very lttle synergy between weapons in SWL (unlike TSW), your exact weapon combination does not matter all that much. Just decide which weapon will be your primary and which will be your secondary.

(As an aside, while blade/pistol was a perfectly viable combination in TSW the pre-built Paladin deck wasn’t very good. None of the pre-built decks in TSW was very good actually.)

Ty fro your answer. Yeah I have studied that page you linked. Maybe should study it some more. I have a hard time deciding i I should go blade primary or secondary. I understand that it is easier to have pistols main and blade secondary.

Actually I’d say both combinations of primary/secondary work with blade+pistol, but there are a few things you have to keep in mind.

Pistol is one of the weapons that work just fine both as primary and secondary.

For blade, if you want to get good DPS out of it you need to use Spirit blade mechanic which eats up one slot for the ability. It thus makes most sense to have Blade as your primary weapon for decent dps.

However, Blade can be used fine as secondary as well if you mainly use it for self-heals - and blade provides some very nice self-heals. Not so good for dungeons, but can be very nice for solo play.

To make a long story short, for solo play all weapon combinations are viable and it is hard to really mess up a build. So don’t worry too much about your build - if you have trouble with anything, that is when you can experiment with different builds to see what works best for you.

For group dungeons what weapons to use depends on your role, and some weapons are simply better than others in some ways - but a half-decent build is not all that hard to put together here either if you just spend a few minutes reading what the abilities do.

Blade is usually not recommended for dungeon runs, because while its dps is no better than that of other weapons it provides less group utility. It still is viable as long as you aren’t trying to push the envelope, it is just that there are better options.

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