Few pistols questions

Hello there, i’m a returning player(left just before the morninglight zone came out), kinda grinded the game hard before, but got some questions to optimise my build:

  1. Is this still better to only use your main weapon spells and passive skills? I quite remember the best pistols main weapon build had 0 spell and passive skills from other weapons, mostly because main weapon generate energy 2x faster, meaning, in the end you wanna spend that energy with the most passive skills possible, and since crits also generate 1 energy for the weapon that procs it, using a basic skill when out of energy instead of switching for secondary weapon will generate more energy for your main weapon and procs your passive skills

2)There are a lot of new talisman out there and i really can’t make my choice on some

-Ashe of fate’s chosen is claimed by a lot of player to be the BIS , but isn’t The strong force a better option for a channeled build?(hair trigger)

-Egon pendant is also claimed to be the BIS, but how about Lady Margaret’s tackle?

-Can’t make my choice between Gambler’s soul and Anima infused Keepsake

-Can’t really pick any occult talisman

3)-As weapon , Third age burner looks insane, is there a better option?

Thanks for taking time to eventually answer

Welcome back.

  1. Kind of, but only at maxed item power. Before that having 1 damaging ability to quickly dispose of your offhand energy is better than having nothing. Even without any spenders from offhand you’re at least using Fist offhand to get Ferocity buff so it’s never 100% mainhand abilities.

  2. No, Tackle is a part of sap vitality set and that set is dog doo doo, Keepsake is better, Razor’s Fossil is best occult talisman for dps / healing

  3. Third age weapons are not that good (except for AR), Harmonizers are BiS, Caged birds are fine too.

I have a gearing guide in this subforum that includes all BiS gear table, you might want to check that out

1- If you have a powerful off-hand weapon like Orochi Thermal Capacitor, casting power abilities with that off-hand will out-dps any benefit you may receive from casting main-hand basic abilities. You are generating 1 energy per second for your main-hand while using the off-hand and around 1.4 energy while spamming basic abilities (assuming you have 40% crit). Over the course of 3 seconds while you cast 3x Mjolnirs you can gain maybe 1-2 extra energy for choosing to spam basic attacks, but the damage difference should be too big to outweigh that extra energy gain. Without such an impactful off-hand though it can be roughly equal.

2- Lady Margeret necklace is good but since Egon Pendant is mega OP it can’t compete really. But margaret and spectral essence necklaces are both 2nd best options after Egon.

3- I have seen many people claim Harmonisers are BIS but never seen the math calculation to prove it to be so. It’s easy to calculate the concrete dps benefit of Third-Age or Flame-Wreathed but very hard to calculate Harmonisers because you need to 1) Make a probability distribution to lay out the expected time of combat a generic pistol user will spend having matched chambers of each color (e.g. 30% of combat is spent in white matching set, 10% is blue etc.) 2) you need to calculate the expected probability of upgrading the color during the 3 second window you have a matching set and then calculate the chance of upgrading on the 1st second, 2nd second and 3rd second respectively 3) then you need to account for the dps you technically lose for upgrading the color. because you just lost a portion of your blue set and replaced it with red now. while you got a full 3 seconds of red, you lost 2 seconds of blue time you would normally have 4) then you must account for the chance of double-upgrading (i.e. from white to blue and then to red) 5) when you finally figure out the new expected distribution of time that will be spent in each color you may now calculate your expected DPS gain. — Or you may compare dummy test results between 2 pistols of same item level and suffix but then you need like a 1000 tests to eliminate chance factor.