Question about stat loss on glyph fusion

I had raised two Epic Accurate glyphs to level 20 on my head and waist talismans and had a Glance Reduction level of 17.2. I fused them into a single Mythic glyph on the head talisman and the Glance Reduction level dropped to 12.6 and my IP dropped from 395 to 388. Shouldn’t it have at least stayed the same, or more like gone up, like happens with other fusions? What did I do wrong or what am I missing?


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What you are missing is the point that now you only have 1 hit glyph, which at lvl 1 mythic is lower than 2 lvl 20 epics combined in separate pieces. If you compare it to talisman fusion for example; you will still have your talisman after you fuse it from epic to yellow, so you are not missing a piece that was earlier in your gear, like you do now when you ripped off 1 glyph from your gear and combined it with another glyph. That also explains the IP drop. If you put a new lvl 20 epic glyph on the piece where you are missing the glyph now, your IP goes up, most likely to +400 IIRC. You did nothing wrong, nor are missing anything there =) Eventually 1 intricate hit glyph is enough to do all content. You “only” need 1 intricate lvl 20 legendary hit glyph to not glance in E10 =)

So what you should do now is to level up your mythic hit glyph AND get a new glyph to the talisman which is currently without one.

Your doing everything right. You lost a glyph in your waist tali and one mythic 1 is not as good as 2 purple 20 but takes up only one tali glyph a lot instead of 2. In the end you only need one accurate glyph so just stay on this track and you’ll be fine.

Think about it yourself. Imagine you’re fusing 2 ring talismans. 1 is in your gear. Where’s the other one? Right, it’s in your inventory, so it’s not contributing to your stats nor to your IP. Now tell me what you did when you fused your 2 glyphs, and tell me if you didn’t actually remove something from your gear to make this fusion.

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Thanks all! These replies greatly clarify the matter.

To answer Szalord’s queestion, I was trying to raise glance reduction to 20% as I had been told this was necessary for E5 dungeons and for lairs, so I leveled accuracy glyphs on two talismans but when I fused them I used the empty glyph slot that left for a fierce glyph I had been holding in reserve. If I understand your question, all I removed from my gear was the second accurate glyph to fuse it and then I immediately added another fierce one, which didn’t do much…

New question – when I fuse my weapons from Epic to Mythic am I going to suffer similar stat loss?

Ok you didn’t understand my post at all. Let me try again and let you answer your question on your own: when you’ll be going to fuse your epic weapon to mythic, is the other weapon you are going to sacrifice (the fodder) somewhere in your gear? Or is it rather in your inventory?

One purple lvl 20 intricate accurate glyph gives 424 hit rating. A mythic lvl 1 intricate accurate glyph gives 488 hit rating. So what you did is basically transforming 424 x2 = 848 hit rating into 488 hit rating. But it happened because you removed the 2nd glyph from your gear. Tell me, would you loose stats if you were to do the same, but with the 2nd hit glyph being in your inventory? I see that a mythic lvl 1 glyph gives more stats than a lvl 20 purple glyph (happily).

It was a rhetorical question, since i perfectly understand what you did. I wanted you to try to understand the principle by yourself. For the weapons, will you be removing something from your current gear to upgrade your weapon’s quality?

Got it, thanks.

You won’t suffer a stat loss when you upgrade your weapons for the same reason that your single glyph did not suffer a stat loss here. When you fused your glyph, it’s stats went up. However you also removed a glyph from another item. You lost stats because you removed a glyph, and the increase on the other glyph was smaller than that loss.

Since you can’t equip two of the same weapon, you can’t end up in the same situation.