At E10+ dps need 2 accuracy glyphs - is this instead of critrating or critpower?

at E10+ dps need 2 accuracy glyphs - is this instead of critrating or critpower? (from optimal for dps point of view)

I gave up one Devastating/Crit Power glyph when I went to 2 Accuracy glyphs. My reasoning being that it doesn’t matter how high your Crit Power is if you don’t hit it often.

Here’s another thread about this question: Balancing Crit Chance and Crit Power when levelling glyphs

For best DPS results, you should get rid of a Fierce glyph (crit chance).

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Optimal dps is 4 crit, 2 crit power, 2 hit, but it doesn’t switch from 5 crit, 2 crit power, 1 hit right at E11. More like 13-ish when the glances are frequent enough to outweigh a maxed crit glyph. 11-12 only go for it if you’re doing something where you really can’t afford to miss (impair/purge/heals fail on glances)

I agree with Szalord. I first thought the same as Rephaim, but then switched a fierce out with a second devastating and WOW! What a difference. Higher DPS with two crit power.

I wonder if it’s a soft cap/diminishing returns thing

Soft cap on crit power is the main limiting factor of damage output; in straight power move damage, the ideal proportion would be 50-50, but crit power soft caps at 2 glyphs. It’s just the general optimization principle that a square has the most area per perimeter; crit and crit power are multiplied to create damage, and both operate linearly before the soft cap, so they act like the sides of a rectangle, with 5-1 being an area of 5, 4-2 being an area of 8, 3-3 being an area of 9.

If you’re talking math alone, the way to go when designing the game would have been to just make the target values be reached with an equal number of glyphs. If you want 50% chance of 200% crit bonus, then you make that happen at 3 of each. Leaning it towards fewer crit power glyphs means individually they add way more to your damage. It also means if a player around IP1000 with yellow 20 across the board is starting to max out glyphs, they want to go hit, then crit power, then crit.

TSW had an actual diminishing returns exponential function on crit stats that also led to equal amounts generally being optimal. The only way to make the optimum shift much from equal is to have a solid base chunk (like make level 1 players have 1% crit chance and 100% crit power) which effectively means everyone has 3 built-in crit power glyphs and then gets 5 and 2 added in gear, for an even 5-5 split. That would make the damage output of 4-2 and 5-1 close enough that it wouldn’t be a simple case of “always take 4-2” Or alternately, add mechanics triggered by crit that are in turn so powerful that they outshine crit power (in TSW this was the NYR healer head, in SWL it’s the energy you gain from crits)

Welp. I used one of the glyph tools to switch it and wow… I lost roughly 5% chance but it pushed power over 100%

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Some little misinformation here:

An easier way to explain why giving up a crit chance glyph would lead to more DPS than a crit power glyph is simply how multiplication works - crit chance basically multiply crit power, and in a circumstance where you have 5 crit and 2 crit power, the best results are reached by trying to “equalize” all the coefficients of the multiplication, instead of stacking up too much of a single one -> 4 x 2 is inferior to 3 x 3 for example. In our example, if we disregard the passive stats for a moment, giving up a crit power glyph is giving up 50% of the whole crit power stat for your character, whereas giving up a crit glyph would only be giving up 20% of your crit chance stat for your character.

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You’ll see a real difference in ACT and feel it too

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