Elaborate glyphs and new soft caps


I was wondering if anyone discovered how much the new soft caps have been raised and where would be more usefull to use your first Elaborate imbuers.
I suppose its better to start to Elaborate some crit glyphs but I would like to know how many I can do before I hit the new soft cap. Or is it better to start with crit power ones ?
Thanks in advance for any info.


An elaborate crit glyph raises the crit chance displayed on sheet from 42.5 to 43.3, the 150 crit power rating from Queen Rana puts me now at 145.x crit power. Someone who is bored could check 3x 300 crit power rating agents and see how high that goes.
Anyway, since 150 is already more than the elaborate upgrade of a crit power glyph, two upgraded crit power glyphs would give you less than 10% more crit power. That sounds rather lackluster, so I guess upgrading crit power glyphs can be postponed until the end.


using various agents for crit power rating beyond the old standard 140.3% crit power (sheet values, not including expertise) :

+150 = 145.6
+300 = 150.9
+450 = 156.2
+600 = 161.5
+750 = 165.2
+900 = 166.3

so the new soft cap is somewhere between 600 and 750 higher than the old one.


From the data points i’ve been given, the new soft caps are 476 rating above the ond cap for crit, and 738 rating above the old cap for power (take this with a grain of salt - rounding errors and/or inaccurate data points can happen). The crit soft cap is achieved with 4 elaborate and 1 intricate maxed crit glyphs. All crit and crit power glyphs taken to elaborate provide a total gain of 3.2% crit chance and 8% crit power.


2 elaborate crit glyphs :


This looks very much like +0.75% per glyph (so far)