Ask about Rifle Leech Healer :D

Can someone tell me the Active Abilities, Passive Skill and Anima Allocation.
I want to use AR / Fist.

AR healing work quite differently in SWL from how it worked in TSW. It is much less rooted in the damage (i assume this is why you ask about allocation). No number grinder, but i believe for maximum healing output you wanna AA 100% Healing.

AS for the build, i can only give you what i use, which by no means is optimized. I really don’t do the calculations and stuff =P. Also I’m AR/Blood

Leeching Ray (Basic)
Vital Shot (Power) + Bolstering Shot
Essence Grenades (Special) + Lingering Essence/Ground Marker Rounds
Energise (Special) + Vivify

Sanctuary (Power) + Restorative Ward
Communion (Elite) + Sacrament

I Use Vital Shot over Unveil Essence in most fights as it is both cheaper in energy (3 vs 5) and i think it ends up healing more on that one target. I use Unveil Essence if working against smaller reflect shields, or fights where the group gets hurt as a whole fairly frequently.

Lingering Essence and Ground Marker Rounds do exactly the same, for this particular build. If you were to introduce Anima Canister as well, then Ground Marker Rounds any day, as it affects all grenades.

I run Energise, both for extra healing in a stressed situation, but also for a purge. This is the one i would replace with Anima Canister, in which case you can run both Lingering Essence and Ground Marker Rounds.

Sanctuary is my backup heal, and works against Blood users corruption. If my Elite isn’t enough to cover group AoE, I sometimes use Covalesce for group heals. I believe you don’t have an AoE power healing from fist though.

Communion is for a big heal, group heal and cleanse depending on the situation. I only ever use Anima Suffusion if i am convinced a DPS is gonna get in a 1hit situation.

Since you use fist, i would go with Regeneration (Elite) + Natural Remedy. Like the blood elite this covers big heal, AoE heal and cleanse. For the Power i don’t know the two options well enough to tell you one over the other.

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For my AR/Fist healing build, I go as follows:

Leeching Ray
Unveil Essence + Passive
Essence Grenades + Lingering Essence + Explosives Expert
Vital Shot + Passive


(That said, I tend to go more the other way round with fist as main and AR offhand. Using the Wild Nature passive and Wrath Enhancers, I can end up in Invigorating Wrath roughly every 60 seconds, if not sooner. I mostly use the AR/Fist build when I need to add a little bit of damage)

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It’s that much? I can recharge it in like 15 seconds with Bladed Gauntlets. I only fire it off when someone needs a bunch of healing at once though.

Last I heard Bladed Gauntlets is slightly broken with regards to it’s Fury generation. (In a good way of course) but yes your correct 15 seconds easily with bladed gauntlets. Ill have to see if i can find the reasoning on why they generate more Fury then there meant to though so don’t quote me on that.

Sorry I didn’t even need to look it up. Did a quick test on the dummies. The weapon says while in combat you generate 2 fury per second. Going to a dummy in Agartha at 0 fury and hitting them once with a fist basic then wait ~9 seconds and you will be at 100 fury. Therefore they generate closer to 10 fury per second. Meaning you can activate Wrath abilities every 10 seconds without even using fist abilities to charge.

Ah in that case 15 seconds would be 5 of wrath, then 10 regenerating. I just know it’s more often than I can cast an elite.

Yep pretty impressive either way :slight_smile: I noticed mostly during the Shambala events since healing becomes a little more useful in that environment.

Ha, I had no idea the Bladed Gauntlets did it that much faster. Downside of Wrath Inducers (not enhancers as I said above) is that you don’t get control over when you enter Invigorating Wrath. Upside is, you get an extra ability slot.