Whispering touch

Is this weapon a good upgeade for a Guard? I am thinking about to craft this one but I’d like to know beforehand your opinion. Better than t4 polearm? And if not, which T3 craft would you really recommend as a cool uograde for a class that is full t4? (my every toon is).

Whispering Touch only for pvp and dps.

I don’t have it on live but when I parsed it on Testlive long time ago I scored consistently lower than t4 polearm (though not by alot). So I wouldn’t bother. I’m 99% sure it’s not bugged like Shillelagh.

I share this opinion, I dont see how the dps would be noticibally higher than t4.

Whispering touch (with crit, and 2 combatrating gems)

  • 177.84 DPS
  • +149 Critical Rating
  • +135 Critical Damage Rating

T4 polearm

  • 176.56 DPS
  • +310 Armor
  • +310 Stamina
  • +7.75 Natural Stamina Regen
  • +23.25 OOC Health Regen
  • +23.25 OOC Stamina Regen
  • +105 Hit Rating
  • +101 Critical Rating
  • +66 Hate Increase Rating
  • +145 Critical Damage Rating

Meh… So ita not worth it. I am still thinking about Wanding Boundary / Mirror of Shadow for my DT or Tos.
Or another option is Maniacal Harm for DT as well or for a barb / conq.
I wanted to craft 2hb but I saw that Funcom is investigating what’s wrong with that weapon and in this case i am afraid to craft it :smiley:

Crafts are good but exactly as we see they are the same. If you don’t have T4 polearm you can choose the Whispering Touch. Also, you can put different gems, not full dps, you can go little prot or something. You wanted to play bugged Sogoth? :smiley: I believe funcom will do something with this weapon.

Yes I wanted to tickle with those crits :smiley: but now I am uncertain what Funcom will do with this weapon (they declared to investigate)

For pvp i would rather use the crit dmg gem instead of the pure cr one.

Then it does the following:

  • 152 DPS
  • 149 Critical Rating
  • 185 Critical Damage Rating
  • 41 Fatality Rating
  • 830 Combat Rating

Nothing is matching this weapon for guard in PvP as again it has by far the highest crit rate/dmg ratio and even a little fatality for those 50% hp counterweight instakill on lowbie mages, pvp 10 weapon is way behind as usual.

For Pve however it’s another story, T4 and beyond is probably better because of the extra armor/hate/hit rating and roughly the same base dps.

im not saying its worse then t4, im saying its microscopic diffrence thus not worth the effort of getting one if you already have t4, you wouldnt be able to tell if you played with t4 or craft weapon.

something else about crafted weapons: they have elemental combat rating, thus not mitigated by armor as far as i know. is it worth anything for pvp ?

It used to matter a bit (but really not much we’re talking about combat rating here :p) but now everyone has insane prot so it doesn’t matter.

tyvm :bowing_man: