T3 crafted 2hd blunt (Shillelagh of Soggoth)


Since you started looking after the game plz take a note check at this weapon because it’s definitely bugged. the stats on it while lower than pvp lvl10 weapon results in a huge dmg bump.
Also there is something happening with the white hits. You get way higher white hits from it than any other weapon in the game.


This weapon is fine nothing to see here.


Lol, I bet you bought one for your toons…


I own this weapon on my Bs and Barb and there’s no big difference between them. Only white hits (and damage is not that devastating)


White crit hits have additional 50% crit dmg of some sort. Time to fix the bug!


I dont think it helps if we all give our opinion. Better let the devs do a simple, objective test (in pvp setting) and have them look at the facts.


Well you can all get off your arses and craft one…then there is a level playing field! :sunglasses:


Lmao… 90% of ppl with this weapon bought it illegally.


Thank you very much for your feedback on the Shillelagh of Sogoth weapon - I can confirm it’s under review to determine if any changes are needed.

If there’s any further details you’d like provide that you think would be helpful, like specific examples of your observations of the Shillelagh of Sogoth’s damage vs similar weapons from the same tier, please feel free to do so in a reply to this thread. :slightly_smiling_face:


Well it feels good to be in the 10% then.


@rooibos if you’re going to review that one make sure you review the t3.5 blunt obtained from the temple of erlik raid and nerf that bad boy. Its disgustingly op. It makes every other 2hb in the game look like garbage even the sogoth.

how do you buy something illegally? It is a BOE item. Mine was gifted to me by my guild leader Satetka. He is a generous bro.


Thanks for the reply! it’s really hopeful that someone finally is looking at this. This weapon was a deal breaker from day one. Even after the rebalance of the pvp10 weapon the difference is still huge.

Bs, Barb, Conq are all facing the same bug using this weapon. Just check the white hit crits and the combo opener damage that this weap can do.

As for people finding this all right, i would invite u to use the pvp10 weapon instead since it’s a better weapon after all.

-pvp10: 150,5 dps, 105 crit rating, 131 crit dmg rating, 837 combat rating. 837cr=23.5dps
-t3 crafted: 149,5 dps, 112 crit rating, 140 crit dmg rating, 900 cmbat rating. 900cr=25dps

-difference between them 0.5 dps. t3 has a bit better crit chance while pvp10 has more crit damage. so there is no reason this weap dealing higher crit dmg than the pvp10.

here are some threads on the old forums about this.

i hope i helped enough! Thanks again for your fast response!


White hits on this weapon are bugged. On my guardian when i have full plate i take 2k per hit.


Can’t believe I’m seeing a dev reply on this topic lol. This is like Christmas! Especially now that there’s so many of them in pvp due the whole Rage “debacle”.


Pvp10 weapon is not better or equal since you miss the gem slots. Which gives good defensive options for instance while CR is a pretty bad stat. What counts is the base damage. So even on paper blunt is favourable IMO. The actual prob is why arent the stats of the pvp10 wep slightly better… across my too ns i have t4 sword t3.5 blunt and sogoth. And pvp10 wep is less attractive to all of them. And this even more a shame since the alternative skin 2H pvp axe would look awsome. And part of the reason few ppl buy these chests from you dear FC is only for very few classes like Hox the pvp wep is best in slot.
Why is some T5 runes working in pvp and give insane damage boost while this is obvious even from the description and dont even need an investigation to find out? And have you considered the rune that boosts your crit damage by 30%… might have an impact as well. :joy:This runes for sure outweights any others mechanic since its proc frequently and consistently. So whats balanced here anyway? So instead of touching Single pve items tune up pvp wep a bit. No one cries. All happy. FC makes more money and last saga reward makes more sense…


Just nerf conq in PvP and there is not that big of a problem anymore. conqs 40% crit chance is the problem with that blunt. no need to nerf the legendary weapon


I always thought you are a creditable ppl. But suggesting like that on this topic as a bear that has both wep and rune is a smoke bomb :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile: its like dont burn my home better burn my neigbors one :joy: thats why i am saying instead of touching single item, single class etc. make pvp stuff the most attractive one and no one can crying on that.


I edited my post :stuck_out_tongue: it came out the wrong way.


@VoiceofCrom in my calculations i have assumed using 3x combat rating gems. if you don’t use 3x cr gems then the t3 crafted has less dps than the pvp10. Even though their dps is quite similar the pvp10 has better crit dmg than the t3 crafted. So no excuse for the t3 crafted dealing more crit damage than the pvp10.

That’s definitely bugged and the most annoying thing is that Shillelagh user like Spreadicus and Lurvi came all the way here to protect their valuable secret weapon instead of admitting the truth and move on from here.

Pity guyz…


I am just saying for Conq barb and BS the base damage matters. You will know only wep damage is amplified, CR not and hence you should not consider dps from wep alone for comparison. So both weapons are on par on that, crit rating is always better than crit damage rating (e.g 1% crit means much more than 1%crit damage) and prot gem or self heals are very nice benefit. So i stick to my thinking its in general a better wep. other differences cant say. Also keep in mind and thats huge reason its accessable in any pvp level while all but the highest Tier pvp wep suck beyond imagination. So of course a lot of ppl <10 use it.