Fangs of the Red Mooomsie

Hello my fellow exiles, I have yet another Item from our favorite Mother figure in Conan Exiles. But I find myself in a perplexed state when considering my comparison between the new item and the standard Dragon Bone Throwing axe specifically the damage. Furthermore, there seems to be no legendary power to make this item worth while as a off hand or just as a throwing weapon?

I humbly request the developers take heed of this problem or if they could be so kind as to give an explanation. :metal::smiling_imp:

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Friday is my busy day, and i didn’t get it yet. :disappointed:

But yes, even if a rare weapon, it should have something special, totally agree.
Nothing special when throwing it ? or not destructible, or with thralls or whatever ?

I hate my busy fridays ! :disappointed:

Good luck with all your busy business Vattende. At least it’s almost weekend!

Nope nothing special at all as far as I could tell. You get a stack of 10 and its throwing axes so there is no durability. Did not test with thralls yet but I suspect it would be the same as when I use them.


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Thats rough. Poor lass, friday is the worst day to have as a busy day.

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The description says something about smashing thru shields. Armor pen buff or something similiar? I may have to fire up dev kit and check the id info and compare to the high tier throwing axes.


They have armour penetration.
So i did some test, yes they have a nice armour penetration. But only tested them in singleplayer since.

Best tests i imagine would be in pvp in a combat situation against any other player, and see how many armour it’s removing by shoot on what armour.
On npc they do more just damage. But player they should remove armour. Then if you have second bow with, let’s say some givering arrows, once you shut the armour, you call the ennemi i think with 1 shoot, maybe 2.

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