Sword of Crom. What is happening here?

So I just got my second sword of crom and noticed its 91 damage. My first sword of crom, dropped before the patch, has 121 damage.

So you nerfed all new sword of crom drops and forgot to nerf the old one? What is happening? That doesn’t make sense, it is unfair to new players.


Earlier nerfs were the same, the weapons you already got staid with their old values. At least if you had modified them.

Do you applied any kit on the first one ?

If not check it: it now (not from yesterday but since a 2 weeks ago bugfix) deals 90 dmg.

But there is a bug always been present in the game since the beginning: changes are retroactive, but not if you changed the base stat of the weapon/armor with a kit.

In that case, and only for that specific stat you altered with a kit, the value remains unchanged.

For example when they changed the Staff of Epimetreus (nerfing dmg and ap of this op spear) the one I had in my armory without kits on it was retoactively changed, the one I had in my inventory with dmg kit on it changed only its value of ap.

Well, I dont see why they would fix it now if it is happening since the beginning. Poor new players.

Well, in part it’s our (players) fault.
In part I don’t know but maybe there are technical issues making a fix not easy at all.

Oh, in any case it’s not always a good thing for old players.

If an update make better a weapon/armor you still have the old (worst) version of it… but no ones will complain because you could just craft a new one. (but you have to spend again resources)

If the updates nerf the weapon you was using… and your weapon it’s unaffected because of this… do you really complain about it ? :stuck_out_tongue:

So what’s the priority in fixing a bug no one is complaining about ?

Believe me, this game have problems far worse then two entities of the same sword having one swing damage difference :sweat_smile:

Hahahaha, things are so bad that we aren’t considering bug/bad systems as something bad anymore.

To some people, grandfathered super-items are a motivator to keep on going, well past the play-by date of a game.

After all, logging on every 5 days, despite holidays, for a whole year has to mean something.

It’s what turns artifacts into relics.

I myself missed out on the 125+ dmg Crom Blades, but I am not jealous of those who have it already, because I still have pre-nerf Obsidian Greatswords, and pre-nerf replitian gauntlets.

New Players will always have it harder, because they never got to enjoy the perma-spawn Risas, Sayids and Enis the Globblers. They never got to tame Vathis’ over and over again, and getting female versions of him… the infinite stamina javelin, or the permanent-till-death functional warpaint, the dismantling of arrows for resources.

The only advantage that new players have is this: “One misses not a luxury unknown.”

If they did… they wouldn’t even try.


Anyone remember the Freedom Arms?

Ah. This explains why my decorative, unmodified Lifeblood spear has a much lower damage than my modified Lifeblood spear.

Oh well, guess I’ll be using that pokey stick less for murdering and more for feeling better. It did feel like it was maybe a bit too good to be true anyway.

Even if now there are better weapons, so now it’s now exposed in my armory and nothing more, I feel the same for my Exceptional Obsidian Sword (1hand - 65 dmg )

I’d like to be able to name it ! :blue_heart::dagger::volcano:

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Values that got changed with kits stay after a nerf/buff. They are directly written into the individual object’s memory.

They could run SQL jobs but it would not be worth the effort for small changes. (Get object by Id, read binary data and deserialize it into object model, change value, serialize and update the db entry again)


Yea they nerfed mine and it was hanging on it’s place in my armoury

Nerfed version here, danilisa weilds it for me though. When I do smack players, I leave their loot. Lol, its not a fair weapon

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