Sword of Crom Nerfed?

This is a question cause, despite farming the City constatly for 6 months I still didn’t get that f*ckin sword.

But I’ve read that now it doesn’t deal damage when held by Thralls, is this bulls**t true ?
Did devs completely destroyed another totally fine weapon just because they felt so ?


Yes, unfortunately what you read is correct. The sword of Crom did get a nerf when used on a thrall. You could try using it yourself if your bed roll is close by. If not then its just a collectable now.

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Yes. he is very rare. you can only find it on the skeleton boss soldiers [2 in total]. I advise you to stay 2 hours a day for 1 week. in the unnamed city to get it. Never give up xD

Edit : my bad . according to 2 other people. there is 1 additional skeleton soldier boss. And 1 boss wight which also gives the crom sword

Yes, it is rare.
Yes, it is nerfed into use only as another Legendary to hang in the wall next to the dozens of other useless Legendaries.
Oh, and one meme corruption and agility build that involves rolling constantly and using zombie blockers.

No, it’s stats aren’t even that impressive anymore.


Currently, if you use it, it does 97 DPS but uses your full bar of stamina. Thralls do not get any DPS from it now. It is basically useless, but makes a pretty wall trophy. RIP


Do not forget transmog :smiley:

Absolutely right, so you can make the Sword of Crom look like a Practice Great Sword which will reflect its usability :grin:


Great job making Unnamed City pointless. UC used to be a great farming loop between relic hunter spawns and Sword of Crom from bosses.


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uc will always be a good place for many things. legendary equipment [i love the night vision mask] . he is much rarer than the crom sword. fragment of power. level . repair kits [I know that we can made it . but it is still a positive point]


yt vid thumbnail from @Wak4863


actually there is 3 , one skeleton boss hides himslef from the common mortals he is located on the platform right before the redmother area

Hmm you talking about him?

no I’m talking about him

Doesn’t the 3skull wight have the same loot table as the other 3?

Oh that’s right. I already saw . but i didn’t know he was a boss as he is on top of the building. and his life bar icon. is not visible from a distance. so thank you

There is still festering one, reach of rm, breath of rm, dragon helm, stalker mask, Vermin hide set for those that like light armor, brue helm and gloves, predatory blade, power frags, gold, heart of hero, etc etc etc. In all actuality, I stopped using SoC for thralls a year ago because there are better weapons for thralls out there now.

I’m honeslty quite sure he doesn’t have the exact same loot table as the other skeleton bosses or at least doens’t have the SOC in it ( but not 100% )

Mehh . I cant kill him for now :laughing: