Sword of Crom / Best Thrall Weapon

Hey, while farming in the unnamed city i got my first sword of crom. i never read all the information about it since i dint have one, but i heard there were some big nerfs for the sword back in summer. so my question is if the sword of crom is still the best or at least one of the best thrall weapons out there?
if not, which weapons are the best for thralls right now? in pvE bossfights, not talking about pvp

Here is the info on the Sword of Crom that @Zeb is referring to. I prefer it.


I fear other members will hear none of my usual positivity on this issue. And honestly it is one my pet dislikes in this game.

Why the hell would Funcom ‘fix’ this stamina handicap if this issue makes the Sword of Crom unequippable by thralls. Defined as ‘unequippable’ in the sense that you simply wouldnt even bother due to the issue attached to it. So many people such as myself and @zerog here have asked that it be made unequippable by thralls, then subsequently granted a damage buff. It should be a unique mechanic aimed at enticing players to use it (for example, delivering a lethal final blow to a clearly wounded opponent). NOT just a thrall damage accelerator. We only have 2 Crom related features in this game to date, as opposed to around a dozen for each other god. And I had to fight damn hard to have them included in the first place. As such, I want people to actually use it for themselves , rather than giving it to thralls so that it can be used as an exploit. And make no mistake here, that is exactly what it is…an EXPLOIT. It is given to thralls so that it can bypass its original design and function in a manner it was never intended. That is an exploit. The whole reason why the Sword of Crom recieved such a vicious nerf in the first place, reduced from 121 damage to 90 damage (that is 25.6% of its damge gone in one fell swoop!), was to lessen the effects of this exploit. So why couldnt we just make it unequippable by thralls instead of nerfing it, there are plenty of other good alternatives for thralls out there.

Frankly it amazes me that in a time when we are actively trying to remove exploits from Conan Exiles, this one was just patched straight back in.


in the end of that video it took 37 seconds to kill the boss but when i tested it now it took 1:33
for my spinas the marauder to kill this monster in the unnamed city. has there been another update on the sword or is my spinas not as strong as the thrall in the video thrall? why the difference?

Quadrupling the weight of the Sword is an unecessary change, and one which would only serve to further discourage people from using it. I agree with the single blow, stamina draining animation though, as that is what makes it unique and interesting. I generally try not to put forth specific numbers to my calls for damage increase/decreases, but 50-75% sounds like a fair call to me.

The sword itself doesn’t actually have any involvement with the god Crom if you’ve noticed. Croms hammer on the other hand is to be speculated.

While not crafted for or by Crom, this sword might as well have been. Incredibly draining to wield, it causes tremendous damage for each blow that lands.

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