Thralls still one shotting with Crom sword

I have a Lian with 72 str. Give him a crom sword and he one shots most things. I think it’s about time you guys gave thralls stamina. WOuld make things way more interesting. Stamina management on thralls would make the game so much better. Maybe give the thralls double or 3x the stamina of a standard player? WOuld make the crom sword an interesting choice for a thrall. Especially if it wipes stam in a few hits.


No, thralls don’t need stamina management to make the game “more interesting.”

A one-shotting Lian with 72 Strength is an exceptional fighter, not the norm by which to balance the game.


72 Strength is VERY high. Definately the exception as opposed to the norm.

Before anyone else jumps in to suggests it…NO the Sword of Crom does not require further nerfs! It has been nerfed enough already.


Legendary weapons are already borderline with DLC weapons. So nerfing legendaries arent too much of an option.

Nevermind that it isnt the purpose of this coming patch anyways.

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Not saying that Sword of Crom should be nerfed, but I like the idea of giving thralls more stats like we have, I think thrall stamina could be an interesting idea if done right :slight_smile:

They did stamina for thralls with the Sword of Crom last year some time, it effectively made the Sword useless.

No it would not.

Hahahah man thats what I was here for!! Nerf all swords and paint the tips orange!!

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Not sure of the problem here. You have a Thrall with an exceptionally high strength (my best thralls range from 45-53), using a rare drop weapon, and your complaint is he one shots enemies?

This is a combination that will affect what? Less than 1% of players. I’ve levelled up a few dozen thralls, several Nordheimers and Lians, using nothing but gruel, and the best one I have is 53.

Take your unicorn and be happy.


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