The Sword of Crom

I had a suggestion for the sword of crom maybe it should be made so people who worship crom can use it with either no or a lesser debuff so that it actually has a use besides for thralls since as it stands sword of the adventurer is probably arguably the highest dps 2h sword and I feel with the amount of effort you have to go to, to get one there should be more reward for doing so.


I would not like it if thralls could not use legendary weapons.
Just yesterday my clan mate and I got legendary blade (The Wightblade) was a down grade for us for what we were wanting to do at the time but an upgrade for the thrall that was following me. So we equipped her with it. If thralls cant be equipped with legendary items then they couldn’t even carry them for us when we are over-encumbered.

The problem is…

Crom doesn’t use a sword; iirc.

He merely hurles doom laden flaming boulders.

Crom is a U.S. Marine 0811… lololo

Considering how rare that blade is in the first place, I don’t see a problem with it really. You’re not going to see armies of thralls with Sword of Crom running around.

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That he does not. Although his followers certainly do. :wink:


It’s not like anyone would try and dupe it :wink:

Actually, that would be an easy way for Funcom to catch Dupers. Set a trap so they can ban the cheaters when they get greedy :slight_smile:


is meant to be rare? i got 5 of them already lol in just 3 rounds of killing the bosses…

it would be nice if they could add a check on all items to see if its duped and if so make the stam use 10000% so no matter what you run out of stam, they could even make it do other things to so people would not use dupes :stuck_out_tongue:

i agree. Would be awesome if you used a duped version of anything it failed. Explosive blows up in face, dragon powder becomes unstable and destroys the container it is in. weapons drain all stamina or break after 1 hit. Building pieces lose stability and decay after 1 hour.
Knock offs should act like cheap imitations :slight_smile:

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And the player who duped has a permanent aura of cooruption around them. Constantly gains corruption at .5/s.

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i wouldnt make the weapons break after 1 hit, just make it so any use is pointless, so max stamina drain, self poison anything and everything to make it so the people duping cant use it lol.

id make it so the aura stuff is from any duped armor they equip, but the armor would have a armor value of -100 each bit as well cause you can survive with max corruption.

depending on how the code is done for multiple items it could be a easy addition to make.

I’ve killed all the bosses way more than three times (10+, lost count really) and have yet to see a single Sword of Crom. RNG outliers in either direction are inevitable, but I believe it’s supposed to be rare, yes.

I’m sure they would, but you can’t make game balance decisions based on that. Any duping is by nature going to unbalance the game, be it legendary weapons, explosives, foundations or God coins.

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