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Game mode: [Online ]
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Is infinite stam on thralls with the sword of crom intended gameplay?
I’m seeing whole groups of players getting wrecked by named thralls equipped with SOCs.
Seems a little OP for 1 or 2 dudes with a little lag to their advantage being able to wreck so many.
Or is this the new accepted meta?

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Get a nice thrall
  2. equip sword of crom on thrall
  3. run into a laggy mob of enemy players with thrall following
  4. 1 shot everyone
  5. ???
  6. Profit

Unfortunately, yes this will be the new thrall meta. Thralls don’t use stamina :confused:

Hey there,

It is intended, however it might be a little too powerful right now. Our team is looking into it.
Thanks for your feedback.

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I thought too powerful was the point of the sword of Crom.

I might be confused, but was the point of this post that the sword is too powerful for thralls, or that the sword equipped thrall has an advantage over laggy foes? Because if there’s lag, it doesn’t matter what legendary sword they’re using.

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Definitely separate the two issues please. Lag is a big deal, the SoC may also be one but it’s a wholly separate issue if so.

I also wish PvP concerns like this wouldn’t for the umpteenth time wreck something fun and entertaining for other game modes.

Kind regards,
A still Sword-of-Crom-less player who none-the-less doesn’t want it nerfed


The “lag” is a catchall for performance issues that make countering the sword worse on thralls.
A lot of people say that they don’t even see the animation of the thrall swinging before getting whacked but the main question is, is it balanced game play for a weapon intended to drain stamina for balance with players being used on thralls which do not suffer stamina drain?

It is certainly intended game play, as the Sword is close to useless in any other circumstance isn’t it? Granted, I haven’t actually been lucky enough to find the sword myself yet, so I can’t say whether there’s a way to utilize it effectively as a player, but it seems the intended use is sticking it on a Thrall.

To anyone who feels like saying this is a PvP issue and PvE players like myself should stay out: I wish I could, but any changes to this affects us all.

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I can see his frustration. I for one get frustrated by the Thrall combat system. Ie people using a thrall with them in a battle. But I love that you can take thralls and farm Unnamed city (however I still farm solo for the challenge) so it’s a double edged sword.

With the recent Animal update, I think Thralls should be defensive, and Animals should be offensive. Something alone the lines of why would a wolf, sabertooth and a rhino all be next to each other… the logic behind it makes sense that the animals would be taken out one by one for offensive uses, and the thralls would stay home for defense.

I disagree with making one defensive and the other offensive. Part of the appeal of the game is playing however you want. Making the thrall defensive and the pets offensive limits this ability.

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Would be nice to pick witch way you wanted them and they would respond correctly.

I don’t have a problem with the sword nor thralls being able to carry it, its just the thralls seem really OP in pvp without some kind of limit. In big laggy 8 v 8s a captain swinging a SOC can quickly turn the fight for whoever owns the thralls simply b/c the thrall can teleport around, not render in for some and wreck a lot of people in the process b/c it keeps swinging normally. Now I don’t mind farming for SOCs and doing the same, but battles being determined by a single type of weapon on a thrall seems kind of limited. Granted late night battles in the city after raid over the possibility of the sword dropping has been entertaining in itself.

I can see what you’re talking about. I certainly think there are multiple items addressed in your post. Some more important then others I would think if I were to rate them it would go like this.

  1. Thralls should not teleport in PVP. Or not teleport when other players are in the vacinity.
  2. Lag. Possibly the most talked about and also hardest item to solve. (Maybe limiting the server max player cap could help) although at a time like this with full servers it’s probably a hard sell.
  3. The sword of Crom. I don’t play PVP so I’m basing this off understanding game mechanics and what I’ve read but I’m pretty sure that a truncheon, a shield and some good timing could be a solution. Or a handful of set arrows and some properly placed shots. Maybe?? That’s assuming the first 2 issues were resolved.

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