The Sword Of Crom

Is it still decent on Thralls???

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no bin it


Best wep for thralls on exiled? Idk what to use

Everything is nerfed to being worthless, you can use Confessor-crafted Tenderizer until they nerf that too.


Crafted obsidian and dragonbone weapons from an edgesmith are really good! Then again for 2h sword, if you love grinding Teliths is really good and the adventurers blade still works. If it is pvp, have no second thoughts, dragon bone. They will die, you don’t need to loose more :man_shrugging:.


Nobody seemed to have actually mentioned the REASON :smiley:
The Sword of Crom has been changed at 3.0 launch so that it no longer does damage AT ALL when wielded by thralls. So it’s not a matter of whether it’s the “best weapon” or not, it’s a matter of it not being a weapon for thralls anymore - they’re better off with fists :slight_smile:

As for best weapon for thralls… the best 1h mace you can craft without a shield… 2h swords do not even come remotely close due to the moveset and hyper armor granted.


It’s 5 minutes from the frozen bridge obelisk, run straight to Black Keep boss, kill, run back to obelisk. I’m outfitting my whole army with a mix of Telith’s Sorrow and the Tenderizer, so if you want a lot of black hearts you can really optimize farming them, just run straight to the boss, don’t fight anything on the way.


True, it’s this way exactly, if you hold the key you run straight up, kill the boss very fast, even alone with end gear is very easy and jump to the water to exit :man_shrugging:. What would be really handy for pvp, is to allow us to use the underwater exit, it’s only entrance, not exit which is not cool. But on the other hand, if you have a major loading screen you’ll find your self drowned and next thing we would read in here would be whining for this exit :rofl::rofl::rofl:.
But truly it’s a really good set and it costs hardened steel!

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Now that thralls are no longer able to deal any damage at all with the Sword of Crom, and players have much larger health pools following the Attributes work, I would like to politely call upon Funcom to buff the Sword of Crom. Restore the sword to its original pre-nerf value of 121 damage, or raise it even higher to say ~150?. To the reader, please do not get bogged down in theses numbers specifically. This is a call a buff, not these numbers specifically. Transform the sword into a viable player weapon, and one which embodies the strength of its namsake!

For CROM!! :mountain_snow::metal:


To be honest I don’t know what they could do to make a 100% stamina use sword actually viable. We’re at a situation where the damage will always be lacking until its not and then it will be over balanced.


What if we did as you suggested and gave it back its 121 damage. Gave a decent amount of armor penetration (25-30%). And it only took 100% of the user’s stamina on attack when any of the following conditions apply:

Any religion feat has been learned (including one learned at character creation).
Basic Sorcery has been learned.

A weapon that will not only live up to its namesake, but also only those of pure faith can wield it properly.


Wait, water entrance? Every time I’ve run that d dungeon I’ve gone through the main entrance and back out the same way when done.

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This lake holds numerous mysteries my friend @Ciero9 , this is just one of it.

This is under the frozen part of the lake left the obelisk
You enter it and you search for a hole on the ceiling… When you find this hole then…

The entrance …

And you are in…

Unfortunately you cannot exit from here :confused:

But if you enter you have the sign on the map


I did not know about this, I’ll have to check it out

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Unless you are up against actual players. A thrall with a mace is very easy to deal with compared to 2h sword. (Obviously both are not hard to take down if left alone.)Pre thrall nerf it was maces all the way because their hp was a lot higher

Oh… yea, you’re right. I generally don’t consider that though, since thrall vs. player isn’t something I think the game should even have in the form that it does, but typically thralls are very easy to deal with since they simply cannot fight back if you so much as jump on something. Sadly they’re a bit too dumb :frowning:
So when I talk about weapons and dps for thralls I always exclusively mean thrall vs. boss.

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I had been meaning to get back to you in this thread before now. Unfortunately, I have had some real life issues arrive recently which saw me have to take several days off the forum.

That is just it I am affraid. Nothing that has a 100% stamina drain will ever be a meta in PvP, running out of stamina is a danger incuring serious vulnerability. And even from a PvE standpoint, it will only ever be a niche item. But I still feel that there can be a role for the Sword of Crom. Baseline health for players is 200 hp with 0 points invested in Vitality. If the swords damage were to be raised to even say 180 damage, it could present the following opportunities. In PvP it could be an interesting, all or nothing means to finish off a runner or a clearly wounded opponent. One hit one death or the risk of the opponents resurgence if the attacker misses. While on PvE, something which could clean up 2-3 pesky low level enemies such as Exiles faction in a single slash would be nice feom a personal standpoint.

From here I feel that this becomes more a suggestion for what will hopefullly be a wider religion system overhaul one day. And I for one hope that the next Age in Conan Exiles will be an Age of the Gods, which will do just that. I would like to see some additional relevance added to Crom. Not direct aid of course, but perhaps some placeables, replicas of Crom’s own weapons. However, I am not sure that I support the idea of players foregoing access to large swathes of content in the form of sorcery or other religions to use it. And please do not ask me to locate this quote, bit if memory serves me correctly, I read a couple of years back now that the devs wanted all religion options to remain open to players, and not funnel them into a monothesic play style.

TLDR? I was only really calling for a buff to the Sword of Crom’s damage in this particular instance, but I do support giving Crom, and for that matter all religions an overhaul.


Agreed 100%

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A religion overhaul would be welcome, both ingame as well as outgame.

The latter is probably outside Funcom’s range of action or ambition, but to give some suggestions for the former:

  • Player characters could align themselves with a certain religion (to the exclusion of others) to get specific advantages, such as cold resistance for Ymir, immunity to poison for Set, doubled healing for Mitra.
  • NPCs (including thralls) could also get religious affiliations and deal increased damage to targets of opposing faiths, such as Set and Mitra.
  • Instead of or in addition to the Avatar summoning, religions could allow to transform into smaller, less powerful, but PvE-usable forms, such as a wolf or bear for Ymir.
  • Their could be a system to summon celestial servants, similar to the demons summoned by sorcery.
  • Xotli could be introduced, preferably with abilities similar to the Herald of Xotli in Age of Conan. That was a weird, but fun class.
  • Religious armors are a bit useless currently. They should at least be made equal in power to regular armor, including epic variants. In addition, they could give extra stats when worn by characters aligned to the religion or add other interesting effects.
  • Dungeons related to religion would be cool, similar to the Grove of JS.
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