T3 crafted 2hd blunt (Shillelagh of Soggoth)


thing is I have PvE in mind aswell. without it bear shamans will be no fun to play, so its hard to balance.

everybody agrees that BS is the most balanced class in the game in PvP, and this has been with this blunt live since t3 crafts were introduced years ago.

if they nerf it, it’ll be a small hit in PvP (bit sad), but massive in PvE (very sad), that’s all Im saying. instead just nerf conqs and problem solved IMO!

difference between me and spreadicus is I had it since 2010, he got it couple weeks back. I’ve seen my share of what it can do, his views on the game not exactly “true” (like that time he said Stone Hide on bear was useless), as you can see his post is not very nuanced. 3k hits are extremely rare in pvp, you have to use your empowered renewal boost to get such a number (or get buffs from a barb), which normally you don’t. I don’t see an issue in critting 2k on clothies. Polearm may have been hit for 2k on his guard, but thats fully debuffed or in frenzy.


What the impact one pve should be is even beyond my imagination. In end game pve hit rating matters and heal rating and the wep lacks both? I never see it be used in pve except new ppl?


you have two weapon slots :stuck_out_tongue:
swap for gaze and bears.

besides, solid tanks don’t need 7k healratings. instead a raid or group wanna push dps to get master timers, or kill zelandra in time.


That sounds a bit overly dramatic lol

I can understand you would be used and attached to it but sorry I can’t agree there. It’s a bug that needs fixing IMO. It’s kinda like combo skipping back in the days, didn’t feel good when you played a female toon on the wrong class did it? :stuck_out_tongue: Removing it from all classes was a crude fix but better than nothing and made it easier to balance classes in the end.

Yes I am also a bit salty that I never had the in-game gold nor the generous friends to get one. I 100% admit that. But I still don’t want to see such bugs in the game, wouldn’t change if I had one because there’s always people who don’t have one. Same thing with RF/chaos rings in pvp, I do have them but would still rather them not be a thing in pvp at all.


well, I was a believer that comboskipping shouldn’t have been removed either, and I played female toon.


I didn’t want it removed either because it was a fun mechanic but I think the crude solution they used turned out pretty ok in the end.


the need for those whitehit crits is much more prevalent in PvE, which is why I don’t want it nerfed.

for bears the blunt is a part of the kit need to make them more viable.
but on conq it’s crossing the tipping point. without that blunt their kit is already more than complete, and in addition they have almost 40% crit chance to go along it.

this is my view. look at bear shaman kills in premades compared to any class played well. it says it all.
critting ~400 extra or in some cases ~800 extra damage on clothies? I honestly don’t see the harm! in a bears POV! crits are only every 4th hit or so, and in many cases you don’t even emphasize hitting the presteps (opposed to PvE, where you have the opportunity to hit all your whitehits)

but if this is what people want… hope you consider the PvE ramifications aswell…
I can live with a nerf in PvP, but not in PvE.


yea we cant have changes hurting pve now can we? 100% agreement!


This was “looked into” years ago and nothing came of it, so why bother now that the resources are even more limited?

Isn’t there more pressing matters, like not being able to target people in open world?


Needless to say for next 7-8 weeks it has no relevance at all since saga and even then for whole durarion of saga it will likely not be an issue… so they will be busy with saga relevant stuff fixing anyway.


@Rooibos if You nerf shillelagh too much I want my mats back :joy: deadly serious now


Whats his ingame Name? Just kidding :joy:


Sure but this is a bug report thread since noone had mention that in the new forums. I had no intention for general discussion.

Imo all known bugs should be reported here.

What the devs will choose to fix or not is something else.

If those new guyz willing to debug the game we should assist them not judge them.

This is why this game got the slippery slope in the first place, because of the bugs.


@Lurvi I was debuffed, but it was not on frenzy so that’s why i was suprised. I don’t have problems with this weapon but from what I noticed, white hits deal strangely increased damage than the entire combos.


It should not happen at all!!! We are talking 3k white hits. Not even a fully buffed combo!!! 3k is something you expect from ranger pen shot or barb decap


You should guys enjoy those hits and be grateful… What a selfish community :neutral_face:


PS. I do have this weapon, and I never hit even a mage for more than 2,4k with all buffs on my barb. Over 3k crits are sucked out of finger


I don’t want to join the discussion whether it should be fixed or not because I have no idea how hard it would nerf the BS but to be honest, this argument is very weak.
Why should someone enjoy getting hit by high crit from a weapon that is extremely expensive and additionally bugged?

Do you enjoy getting killed by overpowered pay to win (aka expensive, since most people using that weapon probably bought the gold from gold sellers, I got several friends who openly confess that they regulary buy from them and then bought this weapon) weapons in shooter games? I don’t think so.


like I said, it’s extremely rare! only with sick teambuffs on occasions, or if a caster spent too long in SW. in those cases I personally believe it can be warranted!


Do you know what irony is?
I gathered materials on my own for 2 shillelaghs, this thing was too time consuming and expensive to get. And now all those who cant afford 2hb whine like little kids.
As others said before, players do not tend to preload combos on the target in pvp too frequent. I love this weapon in PvE as it is and I dont want to have it changed. Watch YouTubers playing their toons with shillelagh and count how often you see those crits and tell us numbers. I want to see those 3k crits