What is your favorite weapon archetype in Conan Exiles?

Greetings Exiles, and welcome to our newest Question of the Week!

In previous weeks we’ve tackled the topic of smacking opponents to smithereens. First it was which opponent type was your favorite to chop chop (oh by the by…), which then was followed by which enemy lair is the one you prefer to cause a ruckus at.

Since launch we’ve been adding a fair share of new weapons and weapon types (just recently, one handed swords and two handed great axes!) so it’s safe to assume that everybody has found their favorite “right tool for the job” when surviving, building and dominating in the Exiled lands.

What’s your favorite weapon archetype in Conan Exiles?

  • One Handed Axes
  • One Handed Swords
  • One Handed Maces
  • One Handed Spears
  • Two Handed Daggers
  • Tho Handed Great Axes
  • Two Handed Swords
  • Two Handed Maces
  • Two Handed Spears
  • Bows
  • Other Ranged (Orbs, Throwing Weapons…)

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Once again, you won’t be able to see the results until you’ve sent your vote.

And just like every week, we’re interested in knowing the reasons behind your vote, as well as any experiences you might want to share that steered your decision one way or another!


Daggers and any dual weapons :crossed_swords:. The throwing ax held in the left hand changes the animation / attacks of the weapon held in the right hand - I particularly like this mechanics :+1:.


Copy-pasting the relevant parts from another thread:

Daggers are my favorite weapon type. Venom-infused for boss fights, and these days I use Whirlwind Blades for regular mob fighting. Against human NPCs, the light opener has enough forward momentum to catch a spear-wielder and staggers enough to follow with two heavy attacks for that lovely Bleed effect, then dodge out. Rinse and repeat as necessary.

Against big, fat, slow creatures, such as elephants, rhinos and dragons, which cannot be staggered, a couple of heavy slashes and then dodging away will quickly wear down even bigger prey, and I won’t take any hits unless I screw up my timing. I’ve soloed (without a thrall) the Red Mama with Venom-infused daggers, although it took a long time and was boring. Now that rank-and-file undead are staggerable, daggers are somewhat useful against them, too, even though the Bleed effect naturally goes to waste when there’s no blood left in them to begin with.

Against fast and/or low-profile animals, such as dogs, cats, spiders and reptiles, daggers are less useful - but I’m completely fine with needing to have a secondary weapon for those instances. Most of these can be fought effectively with a spear. I’m still getting used to the new spear light attacks, but it feels quite serviceable to me.


Javelin’s, when modded to have a full attack rotation with a shield :stuck_out_tongue:


I love the new 2H hammer attacks, especially the light.

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1H axes and 1h swords are my preferred weapons because I can have a torch or shield or throwing weapon in the other hand. If I’ve enough space I’ll use daggers, venom infused or whirlwind blades or Havoc and Malice. Against boss with too much HP I use 2h sword, Tellith sorrow mainly. I’ll happily use 2h axes, I love the spinning move, if they were doing more damages. Now even the epic flawless ones are doing barely more damages than the best 1h axes.
I don’t like spears, maces and hammers so I don’t use them. And I just discovered the sliders for adjusting the right joystick sensibility for aiming, on PS4, in the Gameplay parameters. So, I’m just starting to use the bow and to try accuracy builds. It’s a lot more difficult to aim with accuracy wit a gamepad or a mouse + keyboard than it is IRL, so for me used to never miss with a gun, using a bow in game is really frustrating.

2 handed Spears eh? is that what you call a 2 handed Hammer in Norway?

Being Vikings, I believe they know a spear is a spear. Hammers are probably under “two-handed maces”. And as the anvils-on-a-stick in the game would be totally unusable as weapons, no sane Viking would know what to call one, so the confusion is understandable.

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I picked one handed spears but Daggers as a close second tied with Katana

I like the mobility and unique ability of attack with the throwing spear in nearly all situations. I use it with heavy armor along with a katana and daggers.

In a battle I’ve used all 3 in the same fight.

Throwing spear throw, roll forward, swap to daggers, backflip, into katana charge, sidestep into throwing spear poke/throw, swap to daggers and backflip… pretty much just moving about using different weapons.

Though I utilize (nearly) every weapon type, my main weapon has long been the Glimmermoon. I enjoy the axe fighting style and I rather like the light the weapon gives off.

The one weapon that I do not bother with, even though I was rather excited about it finally being included, is the two handed axes. The attack routine, if you can call it that, of these pathetic things is ridiculous. The light attack is okay, but boring. The heavy attack is… nope, can’t think of a nice way to say this, stupid.

Luckily for me Emberlight exists and I can use the great axes that it adds. Not ideal, because it uses the two hand mace attacks, but better that what we got from the official implementation.

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I rock the 1 handed axe as my 1st choice.

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Most of them… Cause I get bored with one after few hours and then switch.

Bows are my go to, Almost always have one on me. (don’t bore me really) BUT melee weapon changes constantly.

Long Swords are simple…but charge range is so short now…its kinda pointless with How NPC AI works. (I get it was change for PVP…but jeez…way screw PVE with a closer weapon)

Spears are fun for poke… thou the new light attack over wide arc…meh.
We need 1hand Animantion, so we can carry a torch. (the damage could be much less)

Two-Hands… why oh why did you ruin these… I get the new swing look better, but man… I missed my over-hand.

Dagger havnt gotten better since 1st version… I really have nothing bad to say, Maybe side skip dodge?

I’ve never really used axes… never cared for them in all my days of gaming.
Maces…god does the swing set suck, and its such short range…

Havnt used shortsword yet… maybe if we can dual weild them. I don’t use Mauls much ether.

Katanas are kinda sub fave to Bows, but the lingering animantion that happens when you pull it out…drives me bonkers. I kinda wish we had Sheathe on belt… this way it didnt look so silly when it was pulled out. I kinda hope it get some new moves added to its set up.

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Javellin. Don’t try to use the “heavy” attack with it unless you’re trying to throw it. Shield and Jav combo works pretty well for defensive combat.

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I love using javelin+shield and 1h axe+shield. My love of the javelin has only gotten more cemented however with multigun and lexa’s mod that adds full light/heavy attack chains with shield/throwing axes. I like the shortswords but their use is fairly niche.

Oh, and the added Hasta are pretty great, too.

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Weapons are tools, I hope your toolbox isnt filled with one tool.

Daggers were boss, until the nerf. Now spear are the thing, just not my style.

My current load out is a spear and a lengy one hand.

Not my style, but they keep me alive

I really love 2H swords, but they are still quite useless, even after fixing. I mean, they are usable now, but their damage is not that much compared to other weapons considering their stamina cost.

1H Axes do similar damage, have bleeding on the last 2 attacks, are faster, have better range and consume much less stamina.

A legendary Axe has about 54 damage, a legendary 2H sword has about 62 Damage (I’m talking about medium values of course). Those 8 damage points are not worth the malus of 2H swords.

As for now, I go 1H Axe, which leave a slot for torch/shield/rope too.

<.sarcasm>They know the Katana is disliked so badly they didn’t even put in the list. Sad :unamused: <./sarcasm>


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2h hammers for fun, axe for grind and katana for style. Wish they add some legendary short swords, like the moves on that one. Pref something that looks more realistic then the arena ones.

My favorite are the two-handed, since I only use the bastard sword.
I just can not do without this Wonderful Weapon, it has often saved my life in exiles land by the special skills.
I hope that someday it will be increased to 80 dmg.
Because this weapon deserves an upgrade for its impeccable services.

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