Different Mechanic for 2H Swords

Ps4 - L2 = Kick

But can we make it block? Could possibly be a low chance to block? (30% damage blocked?)

Maybe I’m just using kick wrong but i would love this change.

Weapon blocks make sense from a realistic perspective, but dodging is the game mechanic most games have instead. If we could block with two-handed weapons, it would remove the need for shields.

Besides, every martial art worth calling a martial art should involve kicks in the nuts.


I would be OK with 2-handers blocking if they just reduce damage by X%, not negate it fully the way shields do.

It worked fine in Dark Souls, it can’t be too broken here.

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Definitely not, a block with a 2H would be for an emergency sense. Like if you noticed an attack coming an you could not roll out of it. But i.e it only blocks 30% damage/and takes durability loss.

As a shield would be capable of absorbing much more damage, with less durability loss

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well @Kapoteeni in most of the games you can block with greatswords, simply you take part of the damage (= the block only reduce the damage you take from the attack). In CE it could be possible t have the same thing and the greatsword itself could be damaged (as a shield is) reducing its durability.

It don’t seems to be a big change to develop.

Honestly when I beginned to play I was so happy there was different block mechanics, but I was a little disappointed discovering there was only 3, 1 for shield, one for daggers and all the others just a kick :confused:

It seems like they would to add something particular for each weapon kind and than abandoned the idea.

I completely understand the spears being a kick. But 2H swords with such short reach deserve some kind of defensive component even if its very small.

Frankly, that would make blocking useless for me. If I’m using my time for defending, I want to be not hit at all, whether I’m dodging or parrying or deploying a force field. Armor is there for damage reduction for me.

Yes, it would be nice if weapons could be used for parrying, but I’d rather not limit it to greatswords. Perhaps a decent parrying mechanic would give heavy armor the “buff” it needs, to compensate for the lack of dodging.

I think increasing damage reduction provided by the armor by blocking attacks could be one way to solve the “meta-issues” a lot of players are complaining about.

Honestly I can’t figure how a spear or a war hammer, weapons not designed to blocks, could blocks without to be breaked with few hits.

I imagine someone using a spear or a warhammer like a quarterstaff to just try to push away the opponent but that’s exactly the effect of a kick, so it’s fine for me the way it is now.

But the greatsword, the sword itself if don’t use a shield or the mace are designed to be crossed against other weapons, it could be nice to have similar mechanics in the game.

The damage reduction like an armour (adding to the armor one) for me makes sense, it take account of an axe reducing it (an axe in reality is hard to be blocked without breaking your blade !)

Well that was just an idea, I think mechanics like that could be useful anyway to have not a monotonic meta in pvp and more combat styles in general.

Just watch any martial arts show where they use weapons. You see how blocking with a weapon is done - you don’t take the hit with the weapon, you redirect the hit. This can be done with pretty much anything you can hold in your hand that has sufficient mass. And yes, spears and hammer handles can be used for this without breaking.

I’d like to have, as in other games, “feats” to unlock game mechanics like “Martial Art Expertise” or something like that.

Because using a spear this way it seems imho something really high level related, not just the standard way a warrior of the Conan universe will use a spear to block an attack honestly.

If we could block or parry with our personal approach no matter what the combination is, each approach would essentially be equally powerful way to resolve a hostile issue unless other added traits specify otherwise. So in essence I agree. Ability to block or parry with a two-handed weapon for example doesn’t essentially make the shield useless. It merely makes it an alternative amongst alternatives.

However, I’d like to see diversity play a bigger role here. So instead of every approach have similar if not exact same traits that make them alternatives, I’d like to see combinations provide ways to bring the players’ personalities to surface. The outcome is still the same, but this way we would win and fall in our own pleasing ways.

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Exactly why i want the 2H too have a low %base damage block.

I feel like the 2H is more of a offswitch heavy run and dash.
I wanna defeat that purpose and make the 2H a more all around weapon to use consistently.

I wanna feel more secure when taking just a 2H Sword with me instead of a switch when i go into our new ps4 dungeon!

Are you sure it’s enough? Are you satisfied by a mere number game, that is. :thinking:

Add a parry to replace the 2h sword kick is a swell idea, but to bounce on it it’s not just on that that we need different mechanic.

To this day, 1hand maces are clumzy, useless and painfull to the user. To me that where funcom should aim to build a concrete meta out of the combat system

It’s very basic, really. Hold a long pole in both hands with the business end pointed towards the opponent. Move the business end sideways in an arc about as wide as your shoulders, trying to catch the opponent’s weapon with yours. Then you just push the opponent’s weapon aside and follow up by stabbing him in the face. The spear has the advantages of reach and leverage (you’re holding it with both hands with a wide grip), so it’s actually easier than with e.g. one-handed swords. This is something you’d learn in the very first day of spear training.

Only if you screw up and the opponent gets inside your threat should you turn the spear sideways and shove the opponent away with the shaft. Or kick him in the nuts. Or take a step back and stab him in the face.

Now, a two-handed hammer would be a different case because hammers such as those we see in the game aren’t weapons, their tools for building railroads. Trying to use one as a weapon against an armed opponent would be suicidal (the game gets that right because the hammer is stupidly slow and cumbersome).

And I don’t know why every Exile turns into a ballet dancer if you give them a mace. None of those moves make any sense, and they don’t even look cool.

That sounds eerily like a Bryan_Skull request. :wink:

In other words we would be able to wield anything in our hands we find liking to, but to unlock the potential is to train ourselves thorough the items. If so, I agree. A simple gate is what we might need here for immersion. Still not an answer to all issues necessarily, but at least this would bring some flavour to the soup.

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My friend and i was just talking about how a well timed parry would actually be better then a block!

And if you didn’t time it well enough you take the damage?

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