Parry Mechanics Instead of Kick


Since the kick is more than useless I thought we could have a parry mechanic similar to Dark Souls instead of the kick.


so long as it works better then the dark souls i would have to agree. then they could bring in the parrying blade to enhance that ability


To be a barbarian, is to kick.


Then the kick should at least guarentee a hit


it or stun or knock back or something


Im fine with them adding a parry. It is swordplay after all.
But don’t lose the kick.
It is the classic barbarian close quarters defensive move.

But I do agree. Would be nice if it connected once in a while.

Sword and sandal all the way.


I believe that kick should break blocking/combo + knockback.

How do you see parry mechanics? From my PoV current battle mechanics wouldn’t fit it, also it’s overcomplicates whole battle system and reduces speed of battles, which can make ‘died in battle because i was too thirsty’ situations.


with that in mind it should stumble a shield bearer too


Kick is what I use when I’m fighting a shield user. It works pretty decent against NPCs, it still deals damage to it while blocking. They cant atack while you kicking and after 2-3 kicks they just stop blocking and thats when I thrust it with my spear. Better than spaming hits on the shiled until it breaks or loose your stamina trying to roll to the enemy’s back. But parry mechanics would be welcome, maybe a timed press button.