FC, Kick needs to be faster

Speed up the animation, the only real use for kicks (as they are not that reliable) is when someone use shields a lot and you dont carry any axe/mace/hammer. And the knockback effect happens 4/10, I understand if someone use heavy armor the knocback shouldn’t happen easily, but even kicking someone in medium and light, most of the times the kick don’t knockback.

So, make it useful or just remove it and add something more important like “parry”.


The principal purpose of the kick is as a shield break, not as a knockback. A faster kick would make it more useful in other circumstances.

Sometimes… I just like kicking those hyenas to death. Payback from when hyenas were so annoying that they were the most aggravating part of the game. Is that so wrong? :man_shrugging:

Hehe, not at all, and it would be even more fun if you could kick them from cliffs :stuck_out_tongue: