Two Handed Sword Defence Suggestion

Hi Siptarians and Exiles

Wak4863 noted in a recent video that the defence option for the two handed axe was a good option and that it would be great to see other two handed defence options.

I thoroughly agree!

I wanted to post this topic to see if you all think a defence option for two handed swords would be a good idea.

I think that it might be a great opportunity to include the Arnold pose in the movies where he places the sword horizontally above his head…

What do you think?


That’s one of my desires for 2h swords since they were introduced in the game…



By the looks of it, I find 2h sword blocking offers more protection than 2h axe
so yeah, 2h sword/weapon defence would be a good implementation.

And while we are at it, katana seems viable too


maybe not blocking but deflecting projectiles :grinning:


Traditionally both long swords and Katanas were quite effective at blocking other melee weapons (historic European longswording and kenjutsu share a lot of similarities, but also many differences)

You do risk damaging your weapon, but that’s a better choice than damaging your body. Some Samurai even used a technique of twisting their blade and using the back edge to block to reduce the risk of damage

Axes have wooden hafts which are a possible point of failure, though it’s typically greatly exaggerated in popular culture.

None of them can block projectiles, although I’ve seen a swordsman cut a plastic BB in half in flight, and another who cut an arrow. These were in highly controlled environments, but they were quite impressive none the less.

In both cases however you’d be far better off not attempting it and just getting out of the way

So now that I’ve typed a bunch of stuff no one cares about, I agree longswords and katanas should have blocks.

I’d even go so far as to say anything beyond claws and daggers should be able to block, though less effectively than a shield


By “less effective than shields” do you mean:

A) Character takes one tick of health for every block with 2 handed sword? (Where a shield takes zero health for a block)


B) Character takes double the penalty in stamina than a shield for every block with a 2 handed sword?

Or something else?

I hadn’t thought that far, but I like both your suggestions!

I think the stamina penalty would probably be the simplest way to go but still be effective

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Blocking is a thing one does in the real world with all weapons. You don’t drop on the floor and roll around unless you want to be killed. You can move an object at the end of a lever faster than you can move your body.

Weapons don’t break when they’re used for blocking unless the weapon was already damaged or unless you do the blocking very, very wrong. You’re not supposed to take a full swing onto an unmoving shaft in a 90 degree angle, but redirect the blow away from you. The weapon doesn’t really take much of an impact on a properly conducted block.

But rolling is a game mechanic the developers have chosen. They’ve gone as far as say weapon blocking won’t be in the game, but they said that about horses too.

Realistically, the defensive maneuver used with a greatsword is swinging it around you. The reach is so long and the momentum is so powerful that the swing can’t be stopped with a lighter weapon, and getting within striking distance would mean, at best, that you both get killed. (The greatsword is also one of the few weapons you can use while making cinematic pirouettes and not die to a stab in the back because the sword’s swing reaches far enough to your rear as to discourage the opponent from closing.)

Greatswords are one of the most OP close combat weapons in real life.

Great swords traditionally were anti pike weapons, not dueling weapons. People with them would stand in a pike line and use wide swings to engage multiple opposing pikes in order to give their own pike users open striking lanes

What this game refers to as great swords would be classified as long swords, two handed swords, hand and a half swords/bastard swords in modern historic terms. Of course back them they just called them swords, or sometimes big swords probably

As for combat rolls, for the most part they are fantasy, but I’ve seen a person in full plate easily do a forward roll, and even seen a video of a guy using a “dark souls” roll in a competition and managed to land a blow while avoiding his opponents.

So it’s possible to do, and if you are either skilled enough or lucky enough it might pay off. It’s still insane and would have a higher chance at getting you killed than sidestepping or trying to block

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