Better Combat in Conan Exiles

It would be nice to be able to parry with your sword and counter attack.

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It would be nice, but based on what I’ve heard from the developers, such a system is not being considered at the moment, so don’t get your hopes too up. It would require a lot of rewriting the game code to make it actually work. Even the shield block that’s already in the game is kinda unreliable.

I like realism in games (up to a certain point where it doesn’t get in the way of cinematic entertainment), and in the real world, the way people have defended themselves against various weapons has almost universally been putting an object between themselves and the incoming attack. Almost every culture with a history of warfare developed shields, and most figured out that they could use their weapon to block or redirect incoming blows, too - after all, it’s a solid object that’s ideally already positioned between you and your opponent, so there’s no reason why it couldn’t serve in a defensive as well as offensive role.

But I’m willing to accept an acrobatic dodge in computer games because it makes combat more dynamic and mobile, as opposed to realistic hand-to-hand combat which tends towards a lot more minimalistic approach. After all, games are meant for entertainment, whereas real combat is meant for keeping you alive and the other guy less alive.

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