Holding block should drain stamina!

  • Holding block should drain 1-4% stamina every second. Now it just pauses the stamina gain.

I think blocking is almost as good as sprinting and dodgeing in terms of power. To make it drain stamina slowly would make sense! Right now, someone with 100% stamina can just hold… hold… HODL… PUNISH THEM! :smiling_imp: :skull_and_crossbones:

All Hail The Grim Grey God!


thumbs up…i agree.


Agree as well on this

Block already stops stamina regen if i remember. Also, abusing it is not that effective since kick will disable it, and if you carry an axe,mace or hammer, you will give shield user a hard time :smile:

Shields should stay like they are, an exemple why:

In a siege situation, shields consuming stamina while blocking wouldn’t be good against archers, because eventually you would have to refil the stamina, as you can’t dodge, that would leave you vulnerable against them, who would bring a rain of arrows killing you. (or not).


I agree with Caco on this, but the real suggestion seems to be a balance to how stamina is being used. Perhaps adding to the suggestion would also be that if sheilds were to drain stamina because you have a low stamina statistic, I would suggest having another part of a perk that allow shield blocking to no longer cause stamina drain to give more value to that line of perks on the stamina perks. That would be a little more immersive and rewarding giving the suggestion a greater value to players instead of it being only a drawback to existing balance. I agree low level players should not be able to shield block unpunished, but a higher level player could get the perk that allows that feature if they want it.


My thoughts after some testlive PVP experience:

The kick sucks and doesn’t really accomplish anything even when it connects (almost no damage / no time to follow-up with a punish). It’s very difficult to connect the axe/mace/hammer sunder attacks to someone that’s not AFK watching Netflix and recognizes those weapons. By recognize I mean they see you change to or use one of those weapons and respond by dodging / moving / trading over sitting still and blocking (very easy to do with the current slow & obvious weapon-swap time and predictable move-set).

IMO there should definitely be a stamina-drain while holding it on top of stopping stamina regen. That would promote timing blocks.

abusing it is not that effective since kick will disable it,

The kick sucks and doesn’t really accomplish anything even when it connects

Haha! :smiley: sad thing is alucard is right.

In a siege situation, shields consuming stamina while blocking wouldn’t be good against archers

Being able to hold your shield up for an eternity seems balanced… how? You only hold your shield up when you need to block an attack anyway. It doesn’t add to the fun factor of combat, it makes it stale.

that would leave you vulnerable against them, who would bring a rain of arrows killing you. (or not).

Having a vulnerability is not a bad thing. There are already so many ways to avoid arrows. hiding behind a shield for an eternity is not good… for anyone! I’m only talking about a slow small stamina drain.

Shields are heavy. lifiting them up and holding should slowly drain you.


The stamina drain of holding a shield combined with stamina drain for attacking seems too penalizing. It would be better to have more effective shield breaks or to make shields a little more fragile.

In response to @xx_alucard and @Adhana, I agree with what you said, in theory kick “should” work but indeed yet it doesnt, i think its a matter of time til FC tweak it. They already raise the kick speed, it was too slow before.

metal shields indeed is heavy to stay lifted , but in medieval times shield users had to be very strong to hold those, because lifting them or not, they had to carry them all the time as the shields were attached on the arm, its not like in games where you unnequip it.
I dont know about durability against arrows, but if arrows can break them quickly depending on the situation, its another factor, because if you dont have a cover, you are really f*cked against good archers above a wall.

Now, if a drain is implemented, i dont see a problem if being a slow drain. But still, I wanna see blocking, kicking and equiping weapons being more responsive.

Maybe agility could make equiping animations faster.

Just holding the shield up shouldn’t take stamina. Succesfull block with it however is a different story.
Shields are quite sturdy in CE nowadays, maybe thats the issue here? Shields were not as sturdy IRL with minor exceptions like a buckler (which is more of a parrying weapon than a shield). Most were made of wood with minimal iron/steel in them. 1cm thick, 1m diameter pure steel (7.85kg/dm3) shield would weight 61.65kg - try holding it up with one hand and parry. Compare it to wood where most of wood type mass is less than a tenth of the steel mass. This is why only center and rims normally had added protection to keep the shields from breaking apart too easily, and not even all of them.
Yes, I know its fantasy and we already have steel hammers with a head of approx 30x10x10cm that would weight just shy of 25kg swinging which would almost instantly break your back… I’ll just stand in the corner now…

if you will ever try to hold up real shied you would see how fast it would drain your stamina :slightly_smiling_face: . perhaps that is the reason why for example Roman shields were so tall - so they could provide you with great cover while used in shield wall and the wielder could put it on the ground and “relax”. Smaller shield = smaller drain, but you still need to hold your arm in sort of unnatural position and you always gonna need to power up your muscles in such case (even if just a little bit - depending on weight and training) = power / stamina drain


IF you hold up your shield for “an eternity” then the attacking player can heal, retreat to recover their own stamina or equip a new weapon to get past your shield (i.e. bow and arrow to shoot your legs and cripple you). Most people won’t do that because at some point you aren’t accomplishing anything. You’ve got to put it down to fight. Having stamina drain while you hold the shield up simply nerfs it out of existence. Learn how to fight around shields and you’ll see why this is such a bad idea.

Yes I did, and a lot. Yes it does make your arm go numb but not that much if you train enough and get used to it. If you do, you won’t need to unstrap if for the whole day.
Keeping it up after recieving hits on it however is a different matter. A succesfull block drains your arm just as much (if not more) as if you were to strike with it. This is also a reason why it is better to parry with a shield to create a counter momentum.

Scutum (roman shield) while held in ready was leaving your legs from knees down exposed. In order to put it down you would have to bow down or kneel. Some formations like shield wall actually made soldier put it on the ground (and kneel). Indywidual soldiers could do that as well without a formation to protect from incoming fire. During melee however no sane fighter would lean his shield on the ground. Another example is Aspis (greek shield) that is almost as heavy but not as tall (for being round). Both these shields in order to rest on the ground without kneeling needed to be held by the top.

It was stated in yesterday’s livestream, by Oscar, that holding block will drain stamina . It was also pointed out that some weapons like the mace are ideal to get past a shield, since the last attack on the heavy chain is unblockable. The change should be implemented for launch if i’m not mistaken.

Incorrect. They said that stamina should drain when someone hits your shield.

Yes, exactly. So if you hold a shield up and get attacked by multiple enemies you will loose stamina super fast. I can’t wait for this to become a thing (they said it might not be ready for launch however but it is certainly planned).

They also said they will look into maces to make them better. Do you know that mace heavy combo will hit 6-7 times with just 4 strikes? They pass the shield with heavy finisher but also they dont bounce off the shield like other weapons do, and it has been like that for quite a while now.