Stamina drain under water

Please stop the stamina drain under water.

otherwise it will not be nice to explore the new dungeon.

(in pvp it is also useless, the “fleeing one” can stay in the water forever without stamina but the “hunter” can not attack without stamina)

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I would suggest otherwise, please increase the damage you get when out of stamina swimming, so it can no longer be ignored with the 30 vitality perk.

And all noobs stay on the south-river for ever ? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

For me the stamina thing in water made few or no sens since start. But increase damage, or that it need way more stamina isn’t the solution i think.
Solution should be viable in all the game, not only specific spots, also for all players, in all communities. No real solution at mind yet.
Maybe if in combat, you can’t dive ? Not sure this would be fine in the new dungeon now.

How so?

Even without a single point invested in grit you can swim across noobriver without running out of stamina.

I personally like Arks approach, where you start to drain your breath once you are to exhausted to keep yourself on the surface and drown when that is depleted as well.

And taking breathing potions with you when exploring a water dungeon is not unreasonable to ask for in my honest opinion. Since they are pretty cheap and common loot from NPCs.

But that is what happens when you are to exhausted to swim, you drown.

My biggest issue with stamina drain while in water is the faded colour when it runs out, specifically with regards to the new dungeon. It looks awesome down there and the faded greyish colour spoils the mood for me.

This might be a stupid idea, but maybe give us the ability to sprint swim. As on land, sprinting drains and jogging regains. Make it so in the water as well.

My 2 cents.

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Or make stamina regen while buffed with water breathing.


You said that we should take damage if out of stamina. That’s why. Noobs will be scared to cross the first river if so.

Like said, i’m not super satisfied with the actual stamina loss, and how it is acting now. The best solution, i don’t know. Sure Ark version, but it has also to fit all the rest of the system. So not sure, would need some tests around that.

Taking damage does not equal instant kill though.

I meant more like slowly losing health when stamina is gone and you are still swimming.

Like drowning.

Yes, agree, don’t worry i see the idea behind.

Just try imagine new players handling this. Like said, no clue for the perfect solution right now, and of course tests would help to create an more fitting system here.

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