Out of Stamina Effect = Toilet Water (Please give option to disable/change it)

The out of stamina effect makes the game look miserable. (Toilet Water)

Combine that with an encumbrance build, where you are often out of stamina, the Isle of Siptah often being dreary with the storms constantly going…

If you even try swimming to collect treasure, with all those breathing masks and potions for long dives… Why punish the gaming experience with poor visual quality in a game that is otherwise BEAUTIFUL?

Part of the reason I choose Conan Exiles over other games is it’s very nice graphics. But it is a real kick in the gibblets each time I go for a swim and see everything go to ./toilet water.

Swimming, being over-encumbered, swinging a sword one too many times… everything suddenly awash with Toilet Water.

I don’t go color blind IRL every time I run out of breath? Why does this have to remain a thing in a game so heavily focused on nice graphics and rewarding emersion?

Please consider nerfing the effect, changing the effect entirely, or giving players a option or two to choose from. I hate that I can’t swim and collect clams/vines/plants with the initial good looks.

Please remove the toilet water, give us another way to deal with that mechanism.

Hey @GodisGood

We’ll send the suggestion to the team for their consideration.
Thanks for the feedback.


New effect in testlive or old?
Yes it’s awful, also drink one alcohol and get drunk effect.

But standing in poison does almost nothing… Go figure.

I’m immune to CS gas, but the others in my army company closed theyr eyes and choked and some vomitted.

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