This game ~needs~ a current gen upgrade!

Hello, and sorry for my English!

I started playing this game on PC a good while back.
I remember being amazed at how beautiful it was!
The wonderful vegetation on the big river and the water reflections!
The lush jungle, rainy and nostalgic. Then The Damp started playing and I remember just standing there looking at this gorgeous world you have created! And so much more!
My pc broke down and now I’m on PS5 and… It’s not the same :frowning:
No more wet shader effect, water reflections are, well… non-existant, capped and inconsistent framerate and a lot of performance issues. No fov slider outside performance mode and, let’s be real here - performance mode looks Bad. It doesn’t even have grass.

Please, please, Funcom - give us a current gen upgrade for both consoles!
Let this gorgeous game use the power of the new hardware to shine!

Thank you! ^^


just wait for conan exiles 2 and get amazon warehouse job save up and buy a better gaming setup pc

What kind of an answer is that? The game is available for PS5 and it used to run pretty well. Now it’s a complete bug fest. The answer is not buying a pc. Not everyone enjoys it by different reasons, maintenance being one of them.
The answer is FUNCOM fixing their own godamn game! It’s in a shameful shape right now. I was going to fill another bug report, but from my samsung s22 ultra it’s not an easy task and it’s not that they aren’t aware of the textures rendering delay anyway.
Funcom, fix your game. It should be embarrassing having Conan Exiles runing so poorly on current gen consoles. Have some shame. We paid for a game and now what we have is a broken mess!

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Hopefully now with the current live-service model they can devote some resources towards an upgrade.
I love this game so much, I have it and all the dlcs on my pc until it broke down.
And I have purchased it again for Playstation along with Siptah and 1 DLC. But as much as I’d like to purchase more things, I’m finding it hard to justify an investment


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